Workout Consistency Quotes and Tips

17 Workout Consistency Quotes and Tips

If you’ve never exercised consistently, this article will show you tips and workout consistency quotes to help you work out consistently.

One of the first questions people ask me when starting a new routine is “which is the best exercise to build muscle fast?” or “which is the best exercise for a flat belly?”

Even though it’s important to know the most effective bodyweight exercises, this shouldn’t be your first question. The first question you should ask when starting a new routine is “which exercise can I do consistently, no matter how tired or busy I am?”

You need to focus on consistency, not burning calories when starting a new routine. Once you build consistency, you can start doing effective full-body exercises.

This means you start with easy exercises then advance to more challenging exercises once exercise becomes part of your routine.

Starting with easy exercises is just one of the many ways to build consistency. Below are tips to help you work out consistently.

How to stay consistent with exercise

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1. Keep your workouts short

Most people want fast results when they start exercising, so they starting doing 1-hour workouts. Big mistake!

For one thing, long workouts take their toll on your body. It takes time for the body to get used to exercising. You can’t go from a couch potato to a 1-hour exerciser in a matter of days.

When starting a new routine, start with 10 – 15-minute workouts. Short workouts are not only easy but doable even when you’re busy.

Short workouts may not give you fast results, but they build discipline and consistency. And that’s all you need since you should exercise till death.

2. Start a workout challenge

Good workout challenges can help you build consistency. But before you start any challenge, read the rules of an effective workout challenge.

Most workout challenges last for 30 days. And completing one challenge can make you a consistent exerciser.

I highly recommend you do full-body challenges like the jumping jacks challenge or the jump rope challenge. Avoid challenges that focus on a single muscle group like abs or arms.

3. Do it with a friend

Don’t underestimate the power of a good support system. A workout partner will encourage you to stay consistent and push yourself.

When choosing a partner, opt for someone who is fitter and more committed than you are. He/she will guide you and encourage you to do more. Don’t choose a lazy partner who skips workouts.

4. Follow a detailed workout routine

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to start exercising without a workout routine. And not just any routine, but a detailed one.

Your workout routine should indicate which exercises you’ll do when you’ll do them, the number of sets and reps you’ll do and how long you’ll rest between sets.

A detailed routine is important for two reasons. For one thing, it will save you time – you won’t waste time figuring out which exercises to do and you won’t take long rests between sets. Secondly, a routine encourages you to exercise even when you’re feeling lazy.

Print out your workout routine and stick it on the wall – somewhere you can see it every morning.

5. Try morning workouts

Most people feel tired in the evening so they choose to skip their workouts. Working out first thing in the morning can help prevent this.

Simply wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual and do your workout. Follow these tips if you want to avoid feeling sleepy after the morning workout.

This is not to say that evening workouts don’t work. If you’re not a morning person, work out in the evening, but make sure you don’t skip your workouts.

6. Get enough rest

The desire for fast results makes beginners want to exercise every day. Exercising every day can increase the risk of injury and make you feel tired all the time. The body needs time to rest and recover so rest for at least 1 day a week.

If your workout routine is challenging, take longer rests.

7. Don’t wait till Monday to start

What’s so special about Monday or next month? Nothing!

Most people use this excuse to avoid exercising TODAY. And when Monday comes they come up with another excuse not to exercise.

If you want to exercise consistently, start today! After reading this article, find a simple routine and start doing it right away. For instance, the 30-day jumping jacks challenge requires you to exercise for less than 5 minutes in the first day.

Don’t make any excuses, start today!

8. Don’t rely on motivation  

Did you know that everyone lacks motivation? Me, you, even Mat Fraser (world’s fittest man – 2017). The only difference between you and Mat is that he exercises, whether he’s motivated or not.

Do the same thing! Simply get off the couch and start moving. Most times, you’ll find that exercising will actually motivate you and boost your energy. So if you want to be motivated, exercise!

Here are a few tips to help you overcome a lack of motivation to exercise.

9. Follow the 3-day rule

I have this 3-day rule that – will never ever go for 3 days without exercise. I will never ever exercise for less than 3 days a week.

This rule has helped me stay consistent and it can help you too.

Workout consistency quotes

Now that you know the secrets to staying consistent, here are quotes to motivate you to keep going when you feel like quitting.

consistency quotes consistency is more important than consistency

1. Consistency is more important than perfection

2. You can’t expect to transform your body if you only exercise on the days you feel like it

3. Consistent action creates consistent results – Christine Kane

4. Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do after the mood you said it in has left you

5. Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently – Marie Forleo

6. Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. It it were east, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great

7. Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come – Dwayne Johnson

8. Train consistently or remain the same

9. Success starts with self-discipline

10. Someone busier than you is working out right now

11. Excuses burn zero calories per hour

12. The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen

13. You don’t have to be extreme, just consistent

14. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently ― Anthony Robbins

15. Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals ― Jim Rohn

16. I don’t have time is the grown-up version of the dog ate my homework

17. If you exercise today, you will start seeing results one day earlier than if you wait until tomorrow

Final word

You have to exercise consistently if you want to tone your muscles and get stronger. Use the tips above to stay consistent. And read these quotes every time you feel like giving up. Bookmark this.

Do you know other workout consistency quotes? Share them in the comments below!

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