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Top 9 Full Body Exercises You Can Do Without Weights

If you want to stay fit and build muscles without going to the gym, this article will show you full body exercises you can do without weights.

Most people have to do many exercises train all muscles. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can work the entire body with one exercise – without weights or any equipment.

Full body exercises simplify training and make it easy for you to get in shape. In fact, you’ll get lean and improve cardiovascular health at the same time, if you use them.

If you’ve never done full body exercises before – here are few reasons you should try them.

They’re a huge time saver

Did you know that full body exercises can cut your workout time by half?

Exercising each muscle group separately requires many exercises and takes more time. On the other hand, you only need 3 full body exercises to have a solid routine.

Give full body exercises a shot if lack of time has been stopping you from exercising.

You’ll learn proper form quickly

You have to perform exercises properly to get maximum gains and avoid injuries. But learning proper form takes time (and can be frustrating) if your routine has many exercises.

It’ll be easier to master proper form if your routine has 3 or 4 exercises.

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You’ll get a balanced body

It’s common to see exercisers completely ignore some muscle groups. This leads to muscle imbalances and bad posture.

This won’t happen with full body exercises since you’ll hit all muscle groups in every workout.

You’ll maximize on calorie burn and fat loss

The body uses a lot of energy when doing full body exercises. So you’ll burn more calories and lose more fat.

Full body exercises stimulate growth hormone

Leg muscles will be activated in every workout. And studies show that activating leg muscles boosts testosterone and growth hormone levels. Consequently, these hormones enhance growth in other muscles.

You’ll increase muscular endurance

Full body exercises are performed at a higher intensity than regular exercises. So they improve cardiovascular health and increase muscular endurance.

Now that you know the importance of doing full body exercises – let’s look into the 9 full body exercises you can do without weights.

Full Body Exercises That Don’t Require Weights

1. Burpees

full body exercises without weights - burpees

The burpee is the king of all full body exercises. In fact, you can get lean and strong using a burpee-only routine.

Burpees are quite challenging but some beginners can still do them. Just start with a low target like 10 burpees a day then add one rep to your workout every day. By the time you can do 100 burpees your body will be completely transformed.

Don’t limit yourself to one variation – you can do burpees with pull ups, or step ups, or using a bosu ball.

How to perform

Start in a push up position then kick your feet forward to get into the squat position (with hands on the floor).

Rise and jump as high as you can then clap your hands over your head.

Return to squat position and place hands on the floor in front of you.

Kick your feet back to get to push up position.

Do a push-up and repeat the movement.

See demonstration video

2. Mountain climbers

Other than activating all muscle groups, mountain climbers are great for strengthening the core.

You can also use this exercise to perform a high intensity interval workout – perform it at high intensity for 30 seconds then moderately for the next 30 seconds and repeat 10 times.

How to perform

Get to push up position and keep your arms directly below your shoulders.

Tighten the abdominal muscles.

Pull-in one knee towards the arm as close as you can, then returning it starting position and pull-in the opposite knee.

Keep alternating the feet as fast as you can.

Keep your core tight throughout to avoid sinking the hips.

Demonstration video

3. Jumping pull ups

This exercise combines half squats with pull ups. In fact, the jumping pull up is easier to perform than regular pull ups. The jump momentum will make it easy for you to pull yourself up.

If your pull up bar is too high, step on a sturdy box.

How to perform

Stand below a pull up bar then bend your knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor.

Jump and grab the bar at a shoulder-width grip then pull yourself up until the chin is above the bar.

Lower yourself until arms are almost straight then release the bar to return to starting position. Repeat the movement.

See demonstration video

4. Jumping jacks

full body exercise without weights jumping jacks

It’ll only take you a few minutes to learn how to perform this exercise properly. And performing it regularly will improve your coordination, cardiovascular health and build strength.

And for men, who think jumping jacks are just for ladies, think again. You can burn up to 300 calories with this exercise in 30 minutes.

How to perform

Stand upright with feet together and hands on the side.

Jump off the floor then spread your feet apart and clap hands over your head.

Return to starting position and repeat.

Demonstration video

5. Box jumps

Box jumps are a great exercise for improving explosiveness and strength. But they have a high injury risk so learn how to perform them properly. Start with low boxes to avoid injury. In fact, you should stay away from box jumps if you have joint and back problems.

How to perform

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and a comfortable distance from the box.

To jump – lower yourself quickly to quarter squat, swing your arms and jump off the floor.

Land quietly to reduce the impact of the jump

Demonstration video

6. Jump rope

Jumping rope is one of the best ways to get in shape. It will improve cardiovascular health, increase muscular endurance and build calf muscles.

A great place to start would be taking on the 21-day jump rope challenge.

See demonstration video

7. Dive bomber push-ups

Dive bomber push ups are an upper body exercise – they work the chest, arms, shoulders and the core.

This exercise may be hard to perform if you’re a beginner – so build strength with simpler exercises like classic push ups and bench dips.

How to perform

Stand at shoulder-width stance then bend and touch the floor – the grip should be wider than shoulder-width. The hips should be at a 90 degree angle (buttocks up) – keep the feet and back straight.

Bend the elbows and slide the body forward until the chest is between the arms

Keep sliding forward and straighten your arms. At this position your hips should be sunk and shoulders above the body.

Reverse the movement by sliding back to starting position then repeat

Demonstration video

8. Step ups

Step ups are a good low impact exercise for strengthening the legs and the core.

You’ll need a box or a bench that’s about your knee height to perform this exercise.

How to perform

Place your right foot on the box – the knee should be bend at a 90 degree angle.

Push through the right foot to rise and bring the other foot on the box.

Lower the left foot to starting position and repeat this movement several times. Do the same number of reps for each foot.

Demonstration video

9. Jump lunges

full body exercises without weights jumping-lunges

This exercise will improve your athleticism – it works the leg muscles, glutes and the core. You can increase the intensity of the exercise by jumping higher.

How to perform

Begin with normal lunge – the front leg at a 90 degree angle and the back knee bent backwards.

Rise and jump off the floor as high as you can.

Then step on the floor and go back to lunge positon.

Keep chest and torso upright and engaged throughout the entire movement.

Demonstration video

Full body exercise routine

Here are two full body workouts you can do using the exercises on this list. Perform all sets to failure (until you can’t do any more reps).

You can repeat workout A or B 3 times a week or keep alternating them.

Workout A

Mountain climbers – 3 sets

Jumping lunges – 3 sets

Jumping pull ups – 3 sets

Workout B

Jumping jacks– 3 sets

Step ups – 3 sets

Burpees – 3 sets

Final word

You don’t need weights to get lean and strong. These full body exercises will give you the body you want if you do them consistently.

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