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10 Easy Bodyweight Workout Challenges That Work

If you want to get lean and strong using a bodyweight workout challenge, this article will show you the best workout challenges on the web.

The truth is, most workout challenges suck and can end up being a total waste of time. In fact, in my article, 20 things bodyweight beginners should know, I advised you to avoid workout challenges.

However, not all challenges are bad. There are a few that are worth trying.

I’ve searched the web and found the most rewarding and effective bodyweight workout challenges. But before I share them with you, here are a few reasons why most workout challenges don’t work.

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They’re too intense

Most workout challenges are too intense to keep up with. They involve too many exercises or reps. And this makes it hard for beginners to complete these challenge, so they give up after a few days.

A good workout challenge should be easy at the start and increase difficulty as time goes by. It’s easier to take on a challenge that has 5 burpees on the first day as compared to challenge with 30 burpees on the first day.

You should also avoid challenges that have too many exercises. The best bodyweight workout challenges have only one exercise. A challenge with 5 exercises isn’t really a challenge, it’s a workout routine.

They lead to muscle imbalances

Muscle imbalances occur when we train one muscle and ignore the opposing muscle. For instance, if you train the chest muscles and not train the back muscles – you’ll end up with a muscle imbalance and bad posture.

If you’re taking on a challenge that only targets a specific muscle make sure you train the other muscles as well.

Unfortunately, most folks are too busy to do their regular workout and take on a challenge at the same time. Therefore the best approach is to do a full body exercise challenge.

Too short to see goal results

You’ll definitely see results after completing a 30-day challenge, but chances are you won’t get your desired goal.

Workout challenges that promise washboard abs in 30 days often fuel disappointment. And this makes folks give up on their fitness goals after completing the challenge.

You have to be realistic when taking on a challenge. Expect to see results like being more energetic, improved physique and higher metabolism.  But you still have to keep training after the challenge to stay in shape. After completing your challenge, you can either take on a new challenge or start a new routine.

Even though most challenges don’t bring the expected results, any workout challenge is better than nothing. And the timeframe (30 days) for most workout challenges is more doable than 3 months workout routines.

Whether you want to build a fitness habit or improve how you look, workout challenges will help you. Take on one of the bodyweight workout challenges below.

10 Easy Bodyweight Workout Challenges

jump rope challenge

21-Day Jump Rope Challenge

Taking on this challenge will help you reach or get closer to your fitness goals. It is simple and it only takes 21 days to complete.

I divided this workout challenge into 3 levels, beginner, intermittent and advanced level. The challenge is fit for someone of any strength level. And it can last for 63 days if you choose to complete all the levels.

Frankly, jumping rope is one of the best ways to get in shape. And it doesn’t require much – you only need a jump rope and a timer.

You can make jumping rope a morning ritual to avoid skipping workouts. You will only need to jump rope for 5 minutes in the first few days.

Read the notes in the challenge before you start it.

Click here to take on the jump rope challenge

parallel squats

The Bodyweight Squats Challenge

Even though I don’t encourage workout challenges that target specific muscles, this one is totally worth it. It targets the biggest muscles in the body, the legs, and glutes. Training these muscles will increase total muscle mass fast.

Research shows that training leg muscles boosts growth hormone, which consequently increases growth in all muscles.

This challenge is also fit for beginners, and is designed to fit people of different strength levels. And it also has different squat variations so you won’t get bored with doing one exercise over and over.

Click here to take on the squat challenge

burpees workout challenge

31-Day Burpees Challenge

Burpees are the best way to get lean and strong without spending hours exercising. In fact, you can get in the best shape of your life by doing burpees alone, since they activate every single muscle in the body.

Even though this challenge is fit for beginners, some folks may find it too challenging because of the difficulty of this exercise. If that’s the case for you, do the jump rope challenge.

This challenge will help you burn fat, improve cardiovascular health and build muscle. Feel free to do different burpee variations.

Click here to take on the burpees challenge

full body exercises without weights

30-Day Cardio Challenge

In my article about strength training vs cardio, some readers got the impression that I was advising against cardio. But that’s not the case at all. Cardio is a great way to stay in shape, burn fat and improve cardiovascular health.

This is quite a simple challenge. It has two exercises – high knees and mountain climbers.

Even though this challenge doesn’t have rest days, it has days when you’ll do few reps. By the end of the challenge, you’ll be leaner and have a strong developed core.

Click here to take on the cardio challenge

walking workout challenge

30-Day Walking Challenge

Walking is a great way to get in shape. Whether you like walking, or you’re recovering from an injury or you find exercises like running too physically demanding, this challenge will work for you.

The challenge’s goal is to reach 10,000 steps a day, in 30 days. And did you know that you can burn up to 500 calories by walking 10,000 steps?

If you are an overweight person, this challenge will build the strength you need to perform more challenging exercises.

All you need is walking shoes and a pedometer to track your steps.

Click here to take on the walking challenge

flexibility workout challenge

30-Day Flexibility Challenge

In our quest to live a fit lifestyle we get caught up in losing fat and building muscle, and forget that flexibility is also an important aspect of fitness.

This challenge can help improve your flexibility and consequently reduce the risk of injuries, joint pain and increase the range of motion.

This challenge actually has a video so it’ll be super easy to follow. And it won’t take up much of your time since you’ll only perform one stretch a day.

Click here to take on the flexibility challenge

handstand challenge

30-Day Handstand Challenge

The handstand is not an easy skill to master. This challenge can help you learn this sought-after skill in 30 days only.

This challenge has videos of moves you’ll do every day to improve your hand balancing skills. The handstand will improve your posture and build arm and shoulder strength.

Click here to take on the handstand challenge


30-Day Jumping Jacks Challenge

Jumping jacks are a great full body exercise that will burn fat, build muscles and improve cardiovascular health.

This challenge is designed for beginners so if you’re an advanced trainee, do the harder challenges like the burpees or squats challenge.

You will rest after every six days, and feel free to take a rest in the workout if you can’t complete the workout in one set.

Click here to take on the jumping jacks challenge

core workout challenge

30-Day Abs and Squats Challenge

This is not like any other abs challenge. It will build an all-around strong core and strengthen the lower body.

This challenge has 3 exercises, squats, sit ups and crunches.

Don’t forget to train the upper body muscles not activated in this challenge – chest, arms, shoulders and upper back muscles.

Click here to take on the abs and squats challenge

the game running

30-Day Walking to Running Challenge

This challenge combines running and walking. It will help strengthen your legs, burn fat and improve cardiovascular health.

The longest workout takes 24 minutes so you’ll only need to spare less than 30 minutes each day. To take on this challenge you only need running shoes and a timer.

Click here to take on the walking to running challenge

Final Word

Choose one challenge that fits your goals and strength level and then start it today. Don’t wait for next month or Monday to get started – today is the best day to start!

Don’t be discouraged if you skip one workout. Get back at it the next day and keep going. And don’t stop exercising once you finish one challenge, take on another challenge and then another.

What’s the most rewarding bodyweight workout challenge you’ve ever done?

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