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Everything You Need to Know About the Morning Banana Diet

The famous morning banana diet is an eating routine that allows you to consume unlimited bananaS and a serving of milk or with room temperature water for breakfast.

This diet came to the public’s eye back in 2008. A Japanese pharmacist in Osaka, Sumiko Watanabe, created the diet for her husband, who later recorded losing 37 pounds (16.8 kg) in weight.

He later made it even more popular by writing it on Mixi, Japan’s largest social networking platform.

The diet is also referred to as Asa- Banana diet and entails more than just going bananas all way through. It recommends that you eat fruit first, become aware of your hunger, and eventually have your dinner by 8.00 pm.

The diet is a little bit lenient as it is not strict on factors such as calorie count in the food you take for lunch and dinner.

You can stick to whatever it is you have been eating. However, with all this freedom comes one major rule. Stop eating when you are 80% full, and skip dessert after dinner.

The diet also emphasizes the importance of a good night’s sleep, stressing that you should be asleep by midnight. It also doesn’t state workout is a requirement to help lose weight.


Everything You Need to Know About the Morning Banana Diet

Banana, which is part of this diet, comes with many health benefits. Apart from being extremely delicious, they come with fiber, carbs, and essential vitamins and minerals.

According to Nutrition Data, a platform that has research-based and measured nutrition content in foods, one medium-sized banana contains the following:

Potassium- 12% of RDI

Vitamin B6- 20% of RDI

Vitamin C- 17% of RDI

Magnesium- 8% of RDI

Copper manganese- 5% of RDI

Fiber- 3.1 grams

In as much as they are extremely sweet, it is an actual relief to know that they come low in fat and protein.

They also contain a reasonable amount of dopamine and catechin, which are important plant compounds and antioxidants.

The diet banks believe that bananas come in handy in easing the digestion process in your body. This is among the main steps in weight loss; you should ensure that your digestive system is working without any strains whatsoever.

The diet will provide your body with the right amount of fiber and resistant starch, which will help in your digestion.


The smiley fruits are delicious and highly nutritious. They provide major health benefits for the heart, blood pressure, and weight loss. However, is it really healthy to eat them in the morning on an empty stomach?

Most of the time, when you are late for work, you reach out for this fruit since you can always eat it on the way.

However, having the yellow tropical fruit in the morning on an empty stomach may not be such a good idea. As a matter of fact, experts discourage eating it in the morning.

This is because the fruit is 25% sugar and moderately acidic. They will only give you a slight energy boost, and that’s the furthest they can go.

Also, they will boost your cravings, making it impossible for you to last until lunchtime. So, in as much as they are that nutritious, taking them alone in the morning is not recommended.


More of how it sounds, a morning banana diet plan will see you eating bananas for a longer period.

The meal plan for this diet is quite simple so long as you have a banana as your main ingredient.

Be sure to eat a banana for breakfast. You can have it with warm water or even milk. Remember to eat a normal lunch or dinner. Do not restrain yourself from other forms of dieting.

Consider water mostly to go with your meals as other liquids could corrupt your diet plan. Eat slowly, and try as much as possible to avoid any stress.

Ensure you are asleep by midnight for ample rest as the diet discourages sleeplessness. Keep a diet journal to allow you to keep tabs on what you have been eating.

You can decide on exciting ways to eat your bananas, like blending them with milk to make shakes. This will help to avoid boredom.


If you want to get double effects on your weight loss, consider doing workouts. However, do not go for intense workouts such as weight lifting.

Go for simple and relaxing ones such as yoga. These will also help you in remaining stress-free.

In as much as you have the liberty to eat whatever you want or feel like, choose wisely. Avoid refined sugars and fried foods and opt for healthy snacks.

You can always find interesting ways to eat your banana, such as blending it with milk to make a milkshake or even consider making a banana smoothie.

Sticking to one form of eating your banana will get you bored by the third day of your diet.

Consider drinking at least 3 liters of water daily. This will help ease your digestion hence making it more efficient.

Sleep for 7-8 hours. As it is, sleep is a very effective weight-loss strategy. Through these hours of sleep, you will be able to suppress your hunger hormone and feel fuller for longer.

Do not worry too much about your weight since this will cause the stress you are trying to avoid.

Immediately you record unusual signs like getting weak, stop the diet, and seek further direction from your doctor.

If you want to use this diet to lose weight for emergency purposes such as job interviews or weddings, keep the following points in mind.

As you begin, you may have cases of excessive fatigue or weakness. This is because there is a drastic decrease in calories in your body.

This weakness is usually not difficult to manage. However, if it persists, you can include one proper meal per day in your plan.

Women are discouraged from following this diet during their menstruation. This is because the diet lacks iron, zinc, and copper, which are essential, especially during that time.

However, if there is an urgency for the diet, ensure you include some iron, zinc, and magnesium supplements in your diet.


The diet can cause constipation, especially if your bananas were not well ripe. In this state, they contain a lot of starch, which is hard for your body to digest

The fruit also contains fiber pectin. This draws water from your intestines and can make you more constipated, especially if you are dehydrated.

This diet will cause a nutrient imbalance in your body. Your stomach will be full by taking too much banana, leaving no space to accommodate other nutritious foods.

According to USDA guidelines on fruit intake, you should take two cups of fruits daily. This equals two large bananas. This diet will give you more than this quantity.

According to an article published on Medical News Today, excessive fiber consumption could lead to cases such as bloating and constipation.


The morning banana diet will teach you a thing or two about good traits you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

If you can make it to the diet plan, stick to it for weight loss benefits. However, if you don’t find it effective, be sure to try out other weight loss dietary alternatives.

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