Should You Do the One Week Boiled Egg Diet?

Should You Do the One Week Boiled Egg Diet?

If you have an upcoming function or event and need to lose weight fast, then the one week boiled egg diet could be what you need.

This low-calorie, highly restrictive, and well-detailed plan is an uncomplicated fix for anyone that prefers to lose weight in a structured way.

It largely consists of boiled eggs, non-starchy vegetables, lean protein, and low carb fruits.


Should You Do the One Week Boiled Egg Diet?

The boiled egg diet has different variations. There is the 14-day boiled egg version, the 7-day boiled egg diet, and the mono diet.

In the first two, you are allowed to consume other food types other than eggs. In the mono-diet, all you eat are eggs.

The 14 days boiled egg diet promises to deliver a 12-pound weight loss per week. This means that after the duration of the diet, you will have lost close to 15 pounds.

Arielle Chandler, the creator of the program, wrote in her book that it is possible to achieve these outcomes based on the recipes and foods outlined.

Research also shows that the basis for the claims made in the diet is partially true.

According to this study, a person is likely to have a negative energy balance of about 2,800kcal/week if they have a 400kcal energy difference every day. This deficit translates to approximately 2kg a week.

On the other hand, if the calorie deficit is doubled, then the amount of weight lost per week becomes 4kg or 8kg in 2 weeks. This means that you could lose about 17 pounds after the 14-day egg diet.

17 pounds is slightly less than the advertised 22 pounds, but this largely depends on your baseline calorie intake. If you used to eat many calorie-rich foods, then the deficit created would be much higher, and the weight loss would also increase.


  Breakfast Lunch Supper
Day 1 2 eggs, orange A whole fruit Skinless chicken and a plate of salad
Day 2 2 eggs, grapefruit Green vegetables and chicken 2 eggs, orange and vegetable salad
Day 3 2 eggs, tangerine Steamed vegetables and 2 boiled eggs Chicken and steamed salad
Day 4 2 eggs, mandarin 2 boiled eggs and steamed vegetables Grilled fish and salad
Day 5 2 eggs, orange Steamed vegetables, chicken Chicken salad
Day 6 2 eggs, berries Chicken and salad Grilled salmon and salad
Day 7 2 eggs, watermelon Steamed vegetables and two boiled eggs Steamed vegetables


The foods you can eat on this diet include plenty of hard-boiled eggs, lean proteins such as fish and chicken, non-starchy or green vegetables like broccoli, kale, tomatoes, zucchini collard green.

You may also take low carb fruits like berries, watermelon, lemons, and other citrus fruits.

Only minuscule amounts of fats and oils from coconut, mayo, or butter are allowed. Herbs and spices are welcome.

You can only take unsweetened beverages on this diet.

On the flipside, all high carb foods, especially starches, have been taken out of this program. You cannot even consume grains, fruits, or vegetables that are starchy.

Therefore, things like sweet potatoes are off the table. Fruits like bananas and mango have too many carbs not to be consumed on this diet.

It goes without saying that bread, barley, and other grain family crops are forbidden. You cannot take processed foods like chips, bacon, and cake on the one week boiled egg diet.


One of the major side effects of the one week boiled egg diet is nutritional deficiency. Whenever you get on any diet plan that requires you to concentrate on only one food type, you put yourself in danger of missing some crucial nutrients.

For instance, there may be a shortage of certain minerals and starch. These may include magnesium and potassium.

While the effects of these nutritional deficits may not be as severe because you will only be doing it for 2 weeks, you may start to feel these effects if you keep getting on and off the diet.

Since this is a deficient calorie diet, you may start to experience problems with lethargy. Your body primarily depends on carbohydrates as the primary source of energy.

Eliminating carbs from the diet can cause a wide range of problems. This study showed that individuals on low carb diets tend to experience dizziness, continuous fatigue, headache, and dry mouth.

If you are a lady, you could report menstrual irregularities and dry skin. You may develop an intolerance for cold and could even lose your hair.

This study showed that women who got on low carb diets like the one week boiled egg diet tended to have problems with neural tube defects. In case you plan on having children, you may put them at risk of having a congenital disability.


The most problematic part of the one week boiled egg diet is the weight regain after resuming normal eating. When you go back to your regular eating pattern, you will reverse all the intervention’s positive benefits.

As stated earlier, the reason why the one week boiled egg diet plan works is its low-calorie requirement. After one week of dieting, you will start to eat foods with more calories than the diet, which could translate to weight regain.

Additionally, some people feel such deprived while on the one week boiled egg diet that they give up and binge. Restrictions don’t always work.

The feeling of deprivation often causes some people to overeat. Hunger pangs on deficient calorie diets are one of the main causes for getting off the diets.

When this happens, you will feel terrible about it and may start to think that something is wrong with you when the problem was the diet program all along.

Some people are crash dieters or perpetual dieters. They move from one program to another without experiencing any positive results.

With time, a yoyo dieter can easily develop an eating disorder.

Instead of using short cuts, it is better to adopt a more sustainable weight loss approach. Go for diet plans that can be maintained in the long haul.

Every time you think of trying out a food plan, always ask yourself whether you can eat like that for the rest of your life. In this context, it is not medically advisable to do that.

This means that you will eventually revert to your initial weight before the program.


The one week boiled egg diet is an effective way of achieving short term weight loss. Because of its severe calorie restriction, you are likely to lose significant weight.

The plan is relatively simple and outlines everything you need to achieve results.

On the flip side, it has a range of side effects: dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and dry mouth.

The problem with this diet program is that it has no long-term prospects. You are likely to get off the diet because of excessive hunger, or if you stick it out, you will regain the weight because of going back to your initial calorie intake.

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