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How to do Superman twist

How to Do Superman twist Exercise Gif

How to do Superman twist

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Main muscles worked

  • Core
  • Shoulders

Other muscles worked

  • Trapezius
  • Back
  • Lats

Superman twist guide

  • Start by lying on your belly and stretch your legs fully, bend your arms at the elbow joint and put them at the back of your ears
  • Lift your torso and twist to the right side, pause for at least 2 seconds
  • Return to your original position, lift your torso and twist to the left side and make a pause
  • Resume your starting position and repeat the procedure switching sides

Trainer’s tips

  • Use your back muscles as you maintain your spine in a neutral position and maintain a tight core
  • Lift your torso from ribs upwards and breathe out while making the twists
  • Try to hold the pause for 2 -3 seconds and inhale slowly as you lower your torso.

How to do Superman twist

Superman twist benefits

  • Superman twist can help tone your upper body muscles.
  • Improves your appearance and posture.
  • Superman twists make one flexible as the upper body is also stretched.
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