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How to Do Neck Rolls

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How to Do Neck Rolls

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Main muscles worked

  • Neck

Other muscles worked

  • Cervical spine
  • Shoulders

Neck rolls guide

  • Stand upright looking forward with your head straight
  • Tilt your head slightly to the left and start to make back rolls
  • Continue rolling your head to the right and then tilt it down
  • Return your head to your original upright position upright and repeat the procedure in the alternative direction.

Trainer’s tips

  • Make the rolls in a fluid like slow manner and relax your shoulders so as to make big movements
  • Take deep breathes and do not make your neck too loose so that it does not fall too far backwards
  • In case you are not comfortable or you feel that your neck is too weak you can make semicircular movements
  • For semicircular rolls you tilt your head forward towards your chest, make a roll to the right and then back to the position where your chin is at the center of your chest and make a roll to your left shoulder and then back.

How to Do Neck Rolls

Neck rolls benefits

Neck rolls relax the cervical spine and stretch neck muscles

Helps to cure neck pains and any discomfort and stiffness in your neck


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