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How to do Downward Dog to Knee Tuck

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While the downward dog is popularly known for stretching the hamstrings, this variation will even tone your abdominal muscles. 

Major Muscles Worked

  • Ab Muscles
  • Hamstrings 

Other Muscles Worked

  • Shoulders
  • Triceps

Downward Dog to Knee Tuck Guide 

  • Get onto all fours but position your butt higher hence from some sort of triangle shape which is the downward dog position in yoga. 
  • Raise the left leg back as high as possible while keeping it straight.
  • Now tuck the left knee to your chest as you tighten your abdominal muscles.
  • Extend the foot again and repeat the movement.

Trainer’s Tips 

  • Remember to tighten your abs as you tuck your knee to fully engage your abs.
  • Keep the supporting leg straight in order to stretch your hamstrings.

If you want to build your ab muscles and loosen your hamstrings, this article will show you how to perform the downward dog properly. #downward #dog #knee #tuck #focusfitness

Benefits of the Downward Dog to Knee Tuck Exercise

You can benefit from this exercise if you sit for long hours because it loosens your hamstrings.

The downward dog to knee tuck can also build your abdominal muscles and strengthen your core.

You can do this exercise anywhere because it doesn’t require any equipment.

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