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How to do Balance Chop gif

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Do you prefer to do ab exercises while standing? If so, add this exercise to your workout routines.

Main muscles worked

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  • Ab Muscles
  • Oblique Muscles
  • Shoulders

Other muscles worked

  • Quadriceps
  • Lower back

Balance chop guide

  • Stand straight and then keep your feet a few inches apart and then bring the hands together.
  • Make a rotation of your torso to the left and raise your hands above the head.
  • Lift the right leg knee as you make a rotation of your torso to the right and then diagonally move down your hands across till it is very close to your right hip
  • Repeat this movement and then alternate sides

Trainer’s tips

  • Always inhale while raising your hands and breathe out when you are raising your knee and as you lower your hands towards your hip.
  • Feet should be open so as to be more stable and increase your balancing.

Discover how to perform the balance chop exercise to build your ab and shoulder muscles while improving your balance and stability #balance #chop #exercise

Balance chop benefits

This exercise will build your ab and core muscles without straining your spine.

Balance chop exercise improves your lower and upper body balance and posture.

Unlike floor ab exercises, this one activates numerous muscle groups, including your lower body.