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7 Best Exercises to Lower Estrogen Levels in Men

Estrogen is popularly known as the female hormone but men need it too. It helps men keep the brain, arteries, and bones healthy, according to research.

However, too much estrogen in men can have devastating effects such as low libido, and a higher risk of diabetes and cancer.

Your estrogen levels may be high if you’re overweight, drink a lot of alcohol, over 40, and are regularly exposed to xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are estrogen from external sources such as plastics, deodorants, pesticides, and chicken.

Avoiding the above estrogen-triggers will definitely lower your estrogen levels. On top of that, you need to exercise regularly.

Exercise can lower your estrogen levels by reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Additionally, some exercises increase testosterone, which is vital for balancing out estrogen.

Beware doing the wrong exercises can worsen your estrogen dominance. Below are the best exercises for lowering estrogen levels in men.

Exercises to Lower Estrogen Levels in Men

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1. Hill Sprints

We know that running is an effective way to get fit and burn fat. But your pace and where you run matter a lot.

Sprinting on hills is the most effective way to burn fat. According to research, doing hill sprints for 2.5 minutes burns about 200 calories. You won’t find another exercise that burns so many calories in such a short period.

Unlike steady running, hill sprints increase muscle mass and boost testosterone levels.

If you’re a beginner, hill sprints may be too challenging for you now. Therefore, use running or stair climbing to improve your fitness.

Trust me, you won’t want to stop once you conquer your first hill. That wondrous feeling of satisfaction you get when you reach the top of the hill will make you want to keep going.

Simply sprint up a hill and then walk down to starting position and repeat. Sprint for at least 10 minutes.


Did you know that squats boost testosterone levels? A study by the University of Texas found that squats increased testosterone and human growth hormone. Squats with free weights increased testosterone 16.7 percent more than leg presses did.

If you’re a beginner, start with air squats and then add weights as you get fitter. Alternatively, you can advance to harder squat variations that don’t require weights such as jump squats and pistol squats.

When doing squats, make sure your knees don’t extend past your toes and squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor or lower.

How to do Air Squat gif

Decline Push-Ups

Most men with high estrogen levels have man boobs. Doing push-ups can help reduce the appearance of your man boobs.

However, you have to be careful when choosing the push-ups variations to do. Doing variations that build your lower chest can make your man boobs appear bigger.

Do variations that build the upper chest such as decline push-ups. For this exercise, simply place your feet on a chair or bench and then place your hands on the floor and do push-ups from that position while keeping your body aligned in a straight line. Keep your hands directly below your shoulders.

The higher the surface you place your feet, the more challenging the exercise is.

Other than reducing the appearance of man boobs, this exercise will increase muscle mass and boost your metabolism.

How to do Decline (Elevated) Push Ups


Pull-ups are one of those exercises you must do whether you’re into yoga, weightlifting, or running. They increase upper body strength and muscle mass at a rapid rate.

If you can’t do pull-ups at the moment, start with inverted rows. For this exercise, you need a bar that’s on your hip level. Get under the bar and then grab it with both hands. Extend your legs in front and keep your body aligned in a straight line. Now pull yourself up until your chest almost touches the bar and then slowly lower your body until your arms are straight and repeat.

In this article, I show you the step-by-step routine you should follow to do your first pull-up.

Instead of doing easy upper body exercises, maximize on effective exercises like pull-ups. Here are the best doorway pull up bars.

The Best Doorway Pull-Up Bars for Home Workouts


Some people may not like burpees but they’re one of the best exercises you can do. They’re a high intensity exercise, which means they boost testosterone.

Burpees also activate every muscle in your body, leading to faster fat loss. And they’re ideal for busy people because they can give you a full-body workout in less than 10 minutes.

Can’t imagine yourself doing a single burpee? Well, this burpee challenge will change your mind. It starts with easy burpee variations any beginner can do and then advances to harder variations as you gain strength.

Take on the burpees challenge and you may reverse your estrogen dominance in just 30 days.

How to do Burpees

Glute Bridges

Building your glute muscles is one of the fastest ways to increase muscle mass. You see, glutes are the biggest muscle in the body. Therefore, training them regularly increases muscle mass rapidly.

Glute bridges fully activate your butt muscles and they’re ideal for beginners. They can also be helpful if you’re dealing with agonizing lower back pain.

Try different glute bridge variations to build your butt muscles fast.

How to Do Glute Bridges

Walking Lunges

Lunges build your lower body muscles and strengthen your core. You may want to move forward while doing this exercise as that makes it more enjoyable.

Make sure your front and rear knee are bent at 90 degrees as you lunge forward. And keep your torso upright throughout – avoid leaning forward.

How to do Walking Lunge to Back Pedal

If you do these exercises regularly, your estrogen levels will drop. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to exercise consistently without a routine. You may need to follow this workout sequence to burn the excess fat and lower your estrogen levels.

This sequence shows you the exercises to do every day and how to do them. And these workouts are delivered in your inbox, which keeps you accountable.

Learn more about this amazing workout sequence.

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