Push-Up Variations for Beginners

30 Best Push-Up Variations for Beginners

If you want to build muscle and strength, this article will show you easy push-up variations for beginners you can start doing today.

Push-ups are great for building and strengthening your arms, shoulders, core, and chest muscles.

Unfortunately, many people don’t enjoy the benefits of push-ups due to a lack of strength. That won’t be you anymore!

The push-up variations below will build your upper body strength and allow you to do exercises you never thought possible.

I’ve arranged the exercises in order of difficulty, starting with the easier ones.

Advance to the next push-up variation once you can do 10 reps. Remember to maintain proper form while doing these exercises.

30 Push-Up Variations for Beginners

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1. Wall Push-Ups

Wall push-ups are the easiest push-up variation. Simply stand a few steps away from a wall, place your hands on the wall, and do push-ups from that position.

Note that standing farther from the wall makes the exercise more challenging. While standing closer makes the exercise easier.

How to do wall Push Ups

2. Wall Push-Offs

This plyometric exercise is great for strengthening your arms. Doing a few reps will get you sweating.

Increase the intensity of the exercise in order to get the most out of it.

How to do wall push offs

3. One-arm Wall Push-Up

If you thought the one-arm push-up was impossible for you, this exercise will convince you otherwise. Doing one arm-push wall push-ups will build the strength you need to do one-arm push-ups on the floor.

Feel free to skip this exercise if you find it challenging. The variations below are more rewarding since they engage more muscles.

How to do one arm wall push ups

4. Incline Push-Ups

Incline push-ups make you realize that the classic push up is not that hard after all. Placing your hands on an elevated platform makes push-ups easier since you’re pushing less weight.

A higher platform makes the exercise easier while a low one increases difficulty.

How to do incline push ups variation

5. Knee Push-Ups

Many beginners are familiar with knee push-ups. However, most people don’t perform this exercise properly.

Avoid lifting your butt when doing knee push-ups. Keep your shoulders, hips, and knees aligned in a straight line.

How to do knee push ups variation

6. Knee Diamond Push-Ups

You may wonder why you need to do these two variations of knee push-ups. Well, the diamond knee push-ups activate your triceps.

This is true for all push-ups variations. Keeping your hands close while doing push-ups increases triceps activation.

How to do Knee diamond push Ups

7. Negative Push-Ups

After this exercise, you’ll be able to do the classic push-ups.

Remember to control your motion when pressing down. Avoid letting yourself fall down to the floor without any resistance.

How to do negative push ups

8. Classic Push-Ups

Congratulations! If you’ve done all the variations above, you should be able to do the classic push-ups.

But don’t stop there. Advance to the push-up variations below to keep your workouts fun and challenging.

Don’t make the mistake of sinking your hips while doing push-ups. Tightening your ab and butt muscles will help keep your body aligned in a straight line.

How to do the classic push ups

9. Close Grip Push-Ups

The close grip push-ups primarily activate your triceps and chest muscles. Keep your hands narrower than shoulder-width.

How to do close grip push ups

10. Hand Tap Push-Ups

This exercise will improve your shoulder stability since you have to support your body with one arm.

Make sure your palms are directly below your shoulders to avoid straining the shoulder.

How to do hand tap push ups

11. Diamond Push-Ups

When done properly, diamond push-ups can be extremely rewarding. They will build your triceps and as a result, make your arms look toned and bigger.

Don’t skip diamond push-ups if you’re a woman. They won’t make your arms bulky. They’ll make them firmer and toned, which I’d guess is what you want.

How to do diamond push ups

12. Wide Grip Push Ups

The wide grip variation is great for building your shoulder and chest muscles. Simply keep your arms wider than shoulder-width and do push-ups from that position.

Note that a grip that’s too wide will reduce your range of motion and make the exercise less rewarding.

How to do wide grip push ups

13. Push-Ups with Shoulder Tap

Do you want to improve your coordination as you strengthen your upper body? Then you need to do push-ups with shoulder tap.

This push-up variation also forces you to support your body with one arm, which increases arm and shoulder strength.

How to do push ups with shoulder taps

14. Push-Ups with Mountain Climbers

Combine push-ups with mountain climbers if you want great core activation. Do one rep of mountain climbers after each push-up.

Avoid curving your back when doing mountain climbers.

How to do Push ups with mountain climbers

15. Push-Ups with Leg Raised

Doing push ups with leg raised increases resistance, which makes the exercise more effective.

Complete reps for one leg before raising the opposite leg.

How to do push ups with leg raised

16. Alternating Push-Up Leg Raise

This push-up variation is a bit challenging than the one above since it requires more coordination.

You may also be happy to know that this exercise activates the glute and lower back muscles.

How to do alternating push up leg raise

17. Rotational Push-Ups

Also known as, the T push up, this exercise activates your oblique (side ab) muscles. Other than toning your oblique muscles, it’ll also stabilize your shoulders.

You can make it easier by doing the rotating movement without the push-ups.

How to do rotational push ups

18. Pike Push-Ups

If you want to build your trapezius muscles, pike push ups should be part of your routine.

You may also want to focus on this push-up variation if you want to build the strength needed to perform handstand push-ups.

How to do Pike push ups

19. Decline Push-Ups

Placing your feet on an elevated platform increases the amount of weight you’re pushing.

Decline push ups are one of the few bodyweight exercises that build upper chest muscles.

How to do decline push ups

20. Push-Up Jacks 

This push-up variation will increase core activation since you have to keep your ab muscles tight all the time to prevent your hips from sinking as your legs bounce on the floor.

Push-up jacks also help build coordination.

How to do push up jacks

21. Push-Ups with Dumbbell Rows

If you have a pair of dumbbells, incorporate them into your workout.

Doing dumbbell rows after every push-up will activate your latissimus dorsi muscles.

This exercise increases your arm and wrist strength.

How to do push ups with dumbbell rows

22. Semi Planche Push-Ups

This exercise activates the shoulders and triceps muscles. It’s also a progression exercise to the planche, which is one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises.

Make sure your palms are positioned well before doing this exercise. Poor arm positioning can lead to discomfort or injuries.

How to do semi planche push ups

23. Side-to-Side Push-Ups

This push-up variation will improve your arm strength, which will enable you to perform unilateral arm exercises such as the one-arm push-up.

Control your motion when doing the side-to-side push-ups.

How to do side to side push ups

24. Spiderman (Knee to Elbow) Push-Ups

Do this exercise regularly to increase your upper body strength and activate your oblique muscles.

Don’t give up if you can’t get this exercise right the first time you try it. After a few reps, you’ll get the flow.

How to do spiderman push ups

25. Hindu Push-Ups

This is one of the most effective push-up variations. It activates all the upper body muscles, including the trapezius.

How to do hindu push ups

26. Dive Bomber Push-Ups

This push-up variation is very similar to hindu push-ups. However, it’s more challenging because you have to reverse the forward movement to get back to starting position, while in hindu push-ups, you simply extend your arms back.

Once you can do 10 dive bomber push-ups, consider yourself a push-ups warrior.

How to do dive bomber push ups

27. Half Burpee Push-Ups

The word burpee terrifies some people but this variation is less challenging than the classic burpee.

With that said, burpees are one of the best full body exercises and you should to them regularly if you want to take your workouts to the next level.

Here’s how to get fit using burpees alone.

How to do half burpee push ups

28. Power Push Offs

Increase the intensity of your workouts by doing power push offs. Master this push-up variation before attempting the clap push-ups.

How to do power push offs

29. Clap Push-Ups

This is one of the best push-up variations for building strength, speed, coordination, and explosiveness.

Perform this exercise on a comfortable surface to reduce the impact on your joints as your hands land on the floor.

How to do clap push ups

30. One Arm Push-Ups

You should be able to do the one arm push ups if you’ve done at least 10 reps off all the push-up variations above.

How to do one arm push up

I’m also willing to bet you’ll have the strength to perform handstand push-ups and other challenging push-up variations.

Now, doing push-ups alone may lead to muscle imbalances. You need a routine that targets all muscle groups.

That’s why you need to subscribe to my home workout plan and will send you free workouts to your inbox every day.

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