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The Best 10-Minute Standing HIIT Workout for Abs

Many of us imagine that HIIT workouts are only ideal for athletes. But the truth is you and I can enjoy the benefits of HIIT workouts without beating up our bodies.

HIIT workouts involve alternating between high-intensity exercises and low-intensity exercises. The workout below does exactly that!

If you’re wondering how this short workout can transform your body, realize that it doesn’t allow rest between sets. During the rest period, you’ll do a low-impact exercise. This will allow you to get the most out of this workout and avoid wasting time with long rests.

Don’t be surprised if you notice your legs become toned and stronger. This workout targets your entire body – not just your abs.

Below the video are demonstrations on how to perform the exercises in the routine properly.

Standing HIIT Workout for Abs

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Side Lunge Hops

Side lunges target the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Make your strides wide as you step sideways and then bend your knee until the thigh is parallel to the floor.

Once you hop, land on the ball of your foot to reduce the impact on the joints. This exercise will also build your calves and improve your balance.

How to Do Side Lunge Hops

Standing Elbow to Knee

Do this exercise between sets to keep your heart rate up. Standing elbow to knee build the oblique muscles and improve balance.

Remember to squeeze your oblique muscles as you lift your knee sideways. Your neck should remain in its neutral position – only your torso should bend as you crunch.

How to Do Standing Elbow to Knee

Squat to Front Kicks

You and I know that squats are an amazing exercise. They build all the lower body muscles and even activate the lower back muscles.

Maintain proper form while doing them by keeping your back straight and making sure your knees don’t extend past your toes as you squat.

The front kicks improve balance and stretch the hamstrings. Keep the leg straight as you kick forward.

How to do Squat to Toe Touch

High Knees

If you thought high knees are only ideal for warm-up, think again. This incredible exercise can tone your abs and boost your cardiovascular endurance.

Raise your knees high on each rep and keep your torso upright. Also, land on the balls of your feet to avoid straining your leg joints. Lastly, perform the exercise fast.

How to do High Knees

It should be easy for you to master this workout because the exercises are very simple. Do the workout every day until it becomes easy and then advance to a more challenging workout.

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