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The Best Exercises to Reduce A Hanging Belly

11 Best Exercises to Reduce A Hanging Belly

You’ve probably seen experts claim that exercise only accounts for 20 percent of weight loss. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even though exercise doesn’t reduce body fat as effectively as diet, it offers many benefits that make fat loss incredibly easy.

For one, you’re more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day if you do a short workout in the morning. Secondly, exercise increases muscle mass, which consequently boosts your metabolism.

Most importantly, research shows that people lose fat faster when they combine diet with exercise, instead of using either strategy alone. And this combination allows people to keep the weight off for longer.

Surprisingly, you can reduce a hanging belly without doing a bunch of ab exercises. It’s better to focus on full-body exercises because they burn more fat.

Below are simple home exercises you can use to reduce a hanging belly.

Best Exercises to Reduce A Hanging Belly

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Not what you expected, huh? Well, I haven’t found a more effective exercise for reducing body fat and improving overall health.

I recently ran a very successful weight loss challenge (more details coming soon) and the participants with the most breathtaking transformations were those who walked the most.

Therefore, instead of spending a lot of money on a gym membership or fancy workout equipment, start walking.

But first, get a pedometer. It’ll make it easy to track your progress. Your goal should be to walk an extra 200 to 400 steps every day and keep increasing the steps.

It can also help to have a walking partner to keep you accountable. I may also note that it’s easy to get bored when you’re doing it by yourself.

Lastly, get a good pair of walking shoes.

Mountain Climber Stand-Ups

If you have a hanging belly, chances are you can’t do intense exercises but that doesn’t mean you should do easy exercises that barely burn any calories.

This exercise engages all muscle groups thus increasing muscle mass fast. In fact, you can do an entire workout based on this exercise alone.

Do it for 10 to 15 minutes while taking 15 seconds rests between sets. And perform it as fast as possible while maintaining proper form.

Burpee Stand-Ups

You probably know that burpees are excellent for reducing a hanging belly. Unfortunately, the regular burpee is not ideal for beginners. But that doesn’t mean you should skip burpees altogether.

Burpee stand-ups are perfect for beginners and they’ll help reduce your belly in no time. They will build your leg muscles, abs, shoulders, and triceps.

Keep your abs tight while doing this exercise and perform it fast while maintaining proper form.

Air Squats

Not sure how squats can reduce a hanging belly? For one, squats increase lean muscle mass fast, which speeds up your metabolism, leading to faster fat loss.

Secondly, squats burn many calories because they target the big muscle groups. You may be surprised to hear this but squats can reduce a hanging belly faster than crunches can.

Just make sure you squat properly to avoid knee and lower back pain. First, keep your back straight. Then lower your butt as if you’re going to sit on a chair – doing this prevents your knees from extending past your toes as you squat.

How to do Air Squat gif

Jumping Rope

Chances are you know that jumping rope is an astounding exercise because pro athletes use it to stay in shape.

Well, you and I can also benefit from this exercise. It burns many calories while toning your arms, core, and legs.

Learn different jump rope skills because some of them like double-unders burn a lot of calories.

Do this exercise for at least 20 minutes every day to reduce a hanging belly. But if you’re an out-of-shape beginner, start with this jump rope challenge.

Remember to check out our review of the best jump ropes before buying one.

Hand Walkouts

Hand walkouts are an extremely rewarding exercise. They target your triceps, shoulders, and abs. They burn more calories than most upper body exercises.

If you find this exercise too challenging, do the kneeling hand walkouts. But you must advance to the standard hand walkout because it has a wider range of motion and burns more calories.

This exercise dramatically increases your upper body strength and makes exercises such as push-ups much easier.

How to do hand walkouts

Bicycle Crunches

Even though ab exercises are not very effective at reducing a hanging belly, bicycle crunches can tighten your belly since they target the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles.

It should also interest you to know that this study concluded that bicycle crunches are the most effective abdominal exercise.

Avoid tucking your neck towards your chest while doing this exercise because that may lead to neck pain. Keep the neck in its neutral position.

How to Do Bicycle Crunches


Do you avoid grabbing the pull-up bar because you think pull-ups are impossible for you? Well, don’t rule yourself out because it’s possible to perform your first pull-up a month.

Pull-ups are a high-intensity exercise, which means they’ll burn calories during and after the workout. They also build your biceps, chest, and back muscles.

Do more pull ups

Jump Squats

Many beginners make the deadly mistake of doing easy exercises all the time. You must advance to more challenging exercises as you get fitter.

Jump squats will shrink your belly in no time because they burn lots of calories and build your leg muscles.

Training your legs actually boosts your testosterone and growth hormone levels, which makes it easier to lose fat.

How to do Jump Squat

Reverse Lunge to Knee Tuck

Chances are you’ve done lunges before. However, forward lunges are not the most effective variation.

Reverse lunge to knee tuck is more rewarding because it has a wider range of motion and requires more balance. It also has less impact on your knees.

After doing this exercise for a while, advance to split jump lunges, which are super-effective.

How to do Reverse Lunge to High Knee

Stair Climbing

Do you usually avoid the stairs? You’re missing out on a chance to reduce your hanging belly. Climbing the stairs burns lots of calories while building your leg and core muscles.

Take on this stair climbing challenge to reduce a hanging belly.

Doing these exercises regularly will definitely reduce your hanging belly. But you need a workout plan to lose a hanging belly fast.

You see, most people end up wasting time and skipping workouts when they don’t have a good workout plan. Therefore, take advantage of the fat blaster workout plan.

With this plan, you only need to exercise for 10 to 15 minutes a day to lose your hanging belly.

Learn more about the fat blaster workout plan

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