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Best Jump Ropes for Cardio

The 5 Best Jump Ropes for Cardio Workouts

You are running out of breath and your skin is wetter than a riverbank. In fact, you are shocked that certain parts of your body can actually secrete sweat.

Anyone trying to chat with you might as well punch a wall because you can’t talk.  Your heart is beating so fast it sounds like rain on a steep roof. No, I am not describing a robbery. This is how your body should react when you exercise.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need a cardio regime that does these things to you. Jumping rope is one way of stimulating your lungs, heart, and muscles to burn energy and fat.

Studies show that when people jump rope, they increase the body’s heart rate and their anaerobic power. If leanness is your goal, here are other reasons why jump rope is ideal:

  • It enables weight loss by burning a significant amount of calories
  • It is versatile. You can do high knees, one leg, alternate legs, side swings, criss-cross, and the basic jump.
  • Jumping rope is simple. Not only can you carry the rope anywhere, but the tool does not need lengthy installation.
  • It builds muscle and bone strength through continuous impact

Top Five Jump Ropes for Cardio

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#5 Crossrope Get Lead

#5 Best Jump Rope

What you’ll like

The product is weighted, so it is ideal for most users. It comes with a support system of 75,000 jumpers. A little motivation never hurt anybody.

Customers have not experienced tangling or coiling of the product. If you have no clue what else to do with a jump rope, the accompanying custom app will give you fun options to try.

In case one cable is too heavy, you can switch to a light one through its connection system. The product spins rather well.

What you’ll dislike

Even though the tool comes with accountability and support systems, it is still overpriced. Compared to other ropes, this one might cost you 4 times as much as others.

The cable tends to wear out when used on hardwood. Crossrope rely on sizing charts for recommendations on length but these are often inaccurate.

Rating: 9.2/10

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#4 Jump Rope Ideal for Taking Your Workout to the Next Level

#4 Best Jump Rope

What you’ll like

The rope has a slightly longer handle, which allows buyers to use it comfortably without touching the swivel. It is good for fast jump rope exercises.

If you want to do double-unders (pass the rope twice as fast under your feet), it will be perfect.

What you’ll dislike

Some people think that the rope’s cable is not hardy since it wears off quite quickly. Durability is thus a problem.

You have to undergo a learning curve to master the rope since it is not a heavy as others. This rope also requires some cutting for size.

Rating: 9.3/10

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#3 Weighted Jump Rope by Pulse

 #3 Best Jump Rope

What you’ll like

The product is tangle-free because of the ball bearings that enable spinning without twisting. The rope is sturdy and can even be used on concrete. Nonetheless, it is better to use it on smoother surfaces.

Although the rope is quite long, you can adjust it effortlessly using their instructions. Pulse has covered its jump rope handles with foam for extra comfort.

What you’ll dislike

You have to cut the rope, and if you measure it wrongly, there’s no going back. Pulse does not offer extra/ substitute ropes.

Some people find the handles too heavy. Also, the rope takes the curvature of the bend in the box. However, you can remedy this by hanging it upside down.

Rating: 9.4/10

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#2 WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

#2 Best Jump Rope What you’ll like

The product has a spare rope in case the first one wears out. WOD even have replacement hardware for your first set.

The device is made of a smooth cable rope that is easy to swing and does not kink easily. WOD’s products come with handles, axles, the cable and a screw for elegant movement.

While the weight is reasonable for a jump, it is not too heavy to slow down movement. The handles are not weighty as these can tire you out. It has a double bearing system (two round machine elements to control rope movement)

What you’ll dislike

The rope is not ready for use because it is too long for a normal-sized person. Even though the company shows you how to cut it, you need a wire cutter, which may not be available.

It cannot be used on grass and for some clients, it is too light. Other customers have received wavy cables that are hard to maneuver.

Rating: 9.5/10

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#1 Ballistyx Jump Rope

# Best Jump Rope

What you’ll Like

This product can be adjusted to a shorter height without cutting. If you are not particularly handy, then this rope would be suitable. The rotation works well and can be adjusted to one’s needs. The handles are sufficiently long and have a good grip. Say goodbye to slippery foams with this one.

What you’ll dislike

As a matter of preference, the handles may be too long. The rope adjustment system is a challenge for some people. Its heaviness could also be a problem.

Rating: 9.8/10

Check it out on Amazon

What to Look for During Purchase


Some ropes are too heavy and will slow your cardio routine. Others are too light, so they may trip you. Go for those that are in between or those that provide substitutes. You also don’t want a very heavy handle.


The handle should have foam covering to avoid slippage.


A good rope should not be bent or curved.


Most ropes are rarely the right size. Although you have to adjust them, choose the ones that have substitutes and do not need cutting.


If the product has instructional videos on jump rope exercises or a group accountability system, then go for it. However, these should not come at exorbitant costs.


The cable should withstand wear and tear from hard surfaces. As a rule of thumb, avoid concrete during exercises.


The ease of movement is a combination of the rope’s and handle’s weight. It is a result of its bearings which enable seamless rotations. Choose products that score highly on these aspects.

Now that you are armed with this information, go ahead and add simplicity, versatility, and vigor to your fitness routine. Start with this 21-day jump rope challenge.

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