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9-Minute Full Body Interval Circuit without Any Equipment

After doing my workouts for two days, one client remarked: “I feel like I was wasting time with my previous workouts”.

Well, she’s not the only wasting time by doing ineffective workouts. Many people do the wrong workouts that keep them out of shape even when they’re exercising consistently.

Today’s workout is different. Not only does it activate all muscle groups, but it also keeps your metabolism elevated for hours after the workout.

If you’re tired of doing ineffective workouts, this one will offer breathtaking results in just a few weeks. Just give it a try and see the results for yourself.

9-Minute Full Body Interval Circuit

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Read on to discover the exercises in the workout and how to perform them properly.

Chest Opener to Toe Touch – 40 Seconds

High Donkey Kicks – 40 Seconds

Runner’s Lunge with Twist – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Plank Shoulder Taps – 30 Seconds

Hand Walkouts to Push-Ups – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Triangle Crunches – 30 Seconds (Each Side)

Lower Abs Leg Reaches (Extensions) – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Cross Crunches – 40 Seconds

Sitting Punches – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Cobra Pose – 30 Seconds

Seated Toe Touch – 30 Seconds

Chest Opener to Toe Touch

This unique exercise will give you a full-body warm-up while stretching your chest and hamstrings.

Keep your feet straight when bending forward to stretch your hamstrings. Also, rise until you’re upright before bending to the opposite side.

How to Do Chest Opener to Toe Touch

High Donkey Kicks

Many of us are familiar with donkey kicks but chances are you’ve never done this variation. Other than building your glutes and lower back muscles, this exercise will strengthen your arms and shoulders.

Keep your back and legs straight throughout. Also, control your motion when lowering your leg to get the most out of this exercise.

How to Do High Donkey Kicks

Runner’s Lunge with Twist

Runner’s lunge is an effective exercise that builds your leg muscles and improves flexibility. Twisting your torso on each rep will activate your oblique muscles.

Remember to keep the rear leg straight when in the lunge position.

How to Do Running Lunge with Twist

Plank Shoulder Taps

Not much can be said about this popular plank variation. You just need to remember to keep your body aligned in a straight line by tightening your ab and butt muscles.

Keep your palms directly below your shoulders and the neck in its neutral position.

How to do Plank Shoulder Taps

Hand Walkouts to Push-Ups

This phenomenal exercise will challenge every muscle in your upper body. If it’s too challenging for you, just stick to the hand walkouts without the push-ups.

But your goal should be to perform at least 10 reps of this exercise in one set.

How to Do Hand Walkouts with Push Ups

Triangle Crunches

Frankly, I hadn’t done this exercise before this workout but I found it extremely rewarding. It activates your ab and oblique muscles.

Remember to tighten your ab and oblique muscles when you crunch.

How to Do Triangle Crunches

Lower Abs Leg Extensions

This simple exercise will build your lower abs. Make sure you slightly lower your legs every time you extend them in order to fully engage your abs.

Lower Abs Leg Extensions

Cross Crunches

Cross crunches are one of the most effective crunch variations. In fact, I find them more rewarding than the standard crunch. They activate your ab and oblique muscles.

It’s important to slightly lift your upper back off the floor on each rep as that increases your range of motion.

How to do Side Crunches

Sitting Punches

Sitting punches work your arm and ab muscles. Simply sit on the floor with your knees bent and then lean back. Now, throw punches from that position.

Note that punching side-to-side helps activate your oblique muscles.

How to do Sitting Punches

Cobra Pose

This yoga pose stretches your hip flexors and abdominal muscles. Look up and keep your hips and feet on the floor.

How to Do Cobra pose

Seated Toe Touch                                                                                

Many of us know that touching the toes is a great way to loosen the hamstrings. Note that spreading your feet apart makes it easier to touch your toes. Keep your legs straight when doing this stretch.

How to Do Toe Touch Stretch

You’ll be surprised by how sweaty and energized you’ll be after 9 minutes. But don’t stop there, follow this sequence so you can build a lean and strong body while exercising for only 10 minutes a day.

Learn more about the fat-blasting sequence

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