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The Progressive 28-Day Burpee Challenge for Beginners

Burpees are undoubtedly one of the best exercises you can do. Unfortunately, most beginners can’t perform a single burpee.

That’s a huge disadvantage because burpees alone can transform your body. So how can you master this unique exercise and reap its extraordinary benefits?

Well, the only way to get good at burpees is by doing them. However, attempting the standard burpee right away may lead to fatigue and agonizing injuries.

It’s better to ease into burpees by taking on a burpee challenge. But not just any challenge – a progressive burpee challenge.

Unlike most workout challenges out there, this one allows you to start with easy burpee variations then you advance to more challenging variations as you get fitter.

In just 28 days, burpees won’t feel like torture anymore. In fact, you’ll be able to do 100 burpees without pain or extreme fatigue.

Here’s how this amazing burpee challenge works.

The Progressive 28-Day Burpee Challenge  

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As the title suggests, this challenge will last for 28 days. Each week, you’ll do a different burpee variation. You should also increase the number of reps every day.

You’re only allowed one rest day per week, which is important as it will allow your muscles to rest and recover.

While it’s okay to do your daily workouts any time you prefer, I’d recommend you do them in the morning. As I’ve explained in the past, morning workouts are easier to stick to because you’re less likely to be distracted in the morning and you’ll be energetic.

Instead of just using the challenge from your phone or computer, print it out and stick it somewhere you can see it every morning. That way you won’t forget about it.

First, I’ll show you how to perform each exercise properly and then show you the challenge.

Stand-Up Burpees

Stand-up burpees are an excellent exercise for beginners and that’s why it’s part of the unique exercises in the fat blaster sequence.

This low-impact exercise builds all the muscles used when performing burpees. It targets your arms, shoulders, core, and leg muscles.

Remember to tighten your abs throughout and keep the neck in its neutral position. Avoid lowering your head.

Lastly, perform the exercise fast to boost your cardiovascular endurance.

Beginner Burpees

This 2nd-week exercise is a bit challenging but it won’t be hard if you stay consistent in week one.

Beginner burpees challenge your abs, especially as you kick both feet forward. They also strengthen your arms, shoulders, and leg muscles.

Don’t jump off the floor, simply clap your hands over your head then return to the push-up position.

Gently place your hands on the floor when getting back into the push-up position. Lastly, squeeze your butt as you kick your feet back to keep your hips from sinking.

How to Do Beginner Burpees

Burpees without Push-Ups

Once you can do 100 reps of this exercise, the standard burpee won’t be challenging anymore. You’ll be able to do 10-30 reps nonstop.

Remember to keep your body aligned in a straight line when you get in the push-up position. Tightening your butt and ab muscles if vital for straight alignment of you your knees, hips, and shoulders.

Make sure you land on the balls of your feet to reduce the impact on your knees and ankles after jumping.

How to do Burpees without Push-Ups

Standard Burpees

This phenomenal exercise is quite challenging but you’ll be able to perform it in just 3 weeks. Not only that, you’ll be able to do 100 reps 28 days from today.

Proper form is very important for this exercise because it involves various movements. First, perform the push-up properly by placing your hands a little wider than shoulder-width and then lowering your chest until it slightly touches the floor. Push up until your arms are almost straight before kicking your feet forward.

Lastly, gently rest your hands on the floor to avoid wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries.

Here’s the progressive 28-day burpee challenge for beginners. Remember that burpees are not easy so you have to push yourself as much as possible.

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There you have it! This burpee challenge will not only transform your body but also build your mental strength.

If you want breathtaking results, combine this challenge with the fat blaster sequence. You may never want to go to the gym again after seeing the results from this combination.

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