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The Brutal 8-Minute Ab and Core Tabata Workout to Tighten Your Belly

Are you tired of doing crunches all the time? If so, try today’s workout. It has unique and fun exercises that will activate all your core muscles in just 8 minutes.

Unlike most core workouts that only train your abs, this one engages your abs, glutes, lower back, and the pelvic floor muscles. It’ll even tone up your entire body because it has full-body exercises.

You’ll get amazing results from this workout only if you’re consistent. And there’s no reason to skip this workout since you can do it anywhere. It also doesn’t require any equipment. You only need a little space and a yoga mat.

Don’t do this workout for longer than a week because your body will get used to it. Advance to a more challenging workout after doing it for 3-4 times.

Watch the demonstrations below the video if you don’t know how to perform any of the exercises properly.

8-Minute Ab and Core Tabata Workout

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Here’s a breakdown of the 8-minute ab and core Tabata workout to tighten your belly:

Side Lunge Jacks – 30 Seconds

Reverse Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch – 30 Seconds

Oblique High Knees – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Floor Tap Jumps – 30 Seconds

Squat to Reverse Lunge – 30 Seconds

Side-to-Side Butt Kicks – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Dead Bug – 30 Seconds

Sitting Arm Reaches – 30 Seconds

Bridge Kicks – 30 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Side Jackknife – 30 Seconds (Each Side)

Single Leg V-Ups – 30 Seconds

Side Lunge Jacks

This may not seem like a core exercise but it actually engages your lower back muscles. Just make sure you keep your back straight when bending your torso forward.

It’s also important to tighten your abs throughout the exercise.

How to Do Side Lunge Jacks

Reverse Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch

This phenomenal exercise strengthens your glutes, hamstrings, and quads while loosening your hip flexor muscles.

Make a wide back stride to allow your knee to bend at 90 degrees when you get in the lunge position. And keep your torso upright throughout.

How to Do Reverse Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch

Oblique High Knees

Many of us use high knees as a warm-up exercise but it also builds ab and oblique muscles.

Simply tighten your abdominal muscles and then twist your torso every time you raise your knee.

Floor Tap Jumps

Floor tap jumps will leave your leg muscles burning. Jump as high as possible in each rep and keep your back straight when lowering your hands to tap the floor.

I may also note that landing on the balls of your feet reduces the impact on your leg joints.

How to Do Floor Tap Jumps

Squat to Reverse Lunge

You may know that squats activate your lower back muscles. Well, combining them with reverse lunges will offer greater core activation because you have to engage your core to maintain balance when stepping back.

How to Do Squat to Reverse Lunge

Side-to-Side Butt Kicks

This simple exercise will keep your heart rate elevated and build your calf muscles.

Perform this exercise fast and slightly bend your knee every time you step sideways to reduce the impact on the joints.

How to Do Side-to-Side Butt Kicks

Dead Bug

The dead bug is an excellent ab exercise that improves coordination. Unlike most of the exercises on this list, this one should be performed slowly. Moving too fast will reduce core activation.

How to Do Dead bug

Sitting Arm Reaches

You can perform this exercise anywhere – even on your bed. Just make sure you lean back in order to fully engage your ab muscles.

Also, stretch your arms as high as possible when doing the arm reaches.

How to do sitting reaches

Bridge Kicks

Bridge kicks activate your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Make sure your hips remain as high as possible throughout.

Extend your leg until it’s straight when doing the kicks then squeeze your quads before lowering the leg.

How to do Bridge kicks

Side Jackknife

Side jackknife will build your oblique muscles. Simply raising your foot high won’t activate your oblique muscles. You have to slightly raise your shoulders off the floor and squeeze your oblique muscles.

how to do Side Jackknife

Single Leg V-Ups

If you’ve ever attempted V-Ups, you know they’re one of the most challenging ab exercises.

Luckily, this variation is doable, even for beginners. Just make sure you lift the shoulder of the active arm off the floor in each rep and then squeeze your ab muscles.

How to Do Single Leg V-Ups

It’s surprisingly easy to build your ab muscles and strengthen your core if you do the right workouts. But as I said, don’t do one workout for too long. Advance to more challenging workouts week after week.

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