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5 Best Fish oil supplements For Optimal Health in 2020

Why do coastal communities have fewer incidences of heart disease? The answer could be fish. These tasty sea creatures have nutrients (Omega 3s) that protect you from cardiovascular illnesses.

Fish oil supplements are a handy way of helping you meet the recommended World Health Organization serving of fish per week (at least 2 servings per week).

What if you are not at risk of heart disease? It turns out fish oil boosts health in other ways too, for instance, it:

  • Complements weight management
  • Improves eye health
  • Ameliorates ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in children
  • Fights inflation
  • Supports early life development in pregnant mothers

Studies show that taking Omega 3s can reduce mortality risk among heart patients.

Significant evidence also supports the use of these supplements for weight management. When combined with exercise, Omega 3s reduce body fat in obese people.

While some evidence exists for the above benefits, research is not conclusive on Omega 3’s health effects. Nonetheless, some consumers have reported positive results after taking them. If you want to enjoy any of these advantages, here are the top 5 fish oil supplements in the market.

The Best Fish Oil Supplements for Optimal Health

In this article, you will discover the top 5 fish oil supplements for optimal health #optimal #health #flabfix

#5 Megared Advanced 4 in 1

Megared Fish Oil Supplement

Why you may want to buy it

The soft gels are relatively small in size and easy to swallow. They also contain a mix of krill oil and fish oil. This makes it easier to absorb the oil.

Additionally, the omega 3 concentration is twice as much as it is in other brands.

Why you may not want to buy it

The product has artificial caramel coloring, which means it is not all-natural. Some customers complain of a metallic aftertaste; others express concern about the packaging. They claim that its quantity increases but not the milligrams available.

Rating: 8.4/10 

Check it out on Amazon

#4 Nature Made Burp-Less Fish Oil

Nature made fish oil

Why you may want to buy it

As the name suggests, these soft gels are burp-less. They also do not have gluten or other artificial flavors.

Different servings, flavors, and structures are available based on customers’ preferences. The fish oil is extracted from wild, not farmed fish.

Amazon has several user testimonials about this supplement improving dry eyes and dog infections.

Why you may not want to buy it

The product is large in size and hard to swallow. The company recommends drinking water before and after ingestion.

Rating: 8.8/10

Check it out on Amazon

#3 Nordic Naturals Pro – ProOmega

ProOmega Fish Oil

Why you may want to buy it

Not only are these capsules sourced from natural fish, but the waters are sustainably fished.

Many buyers claim it helps them with dry eyes, cholesterol level, and general mood. The product is made from soft gel which makes it easy to ingest.

Nordic Naturals has a natural lemon flavor and rosemary extract. It also has no fishy aftertaste.

Why you may not want to buy it

The product easily oxidizes in hot weather. They consequently need refrigeration for potency. Nordic Naturals are slightly pricey compared to similar quality supplements.

Rating 9.3/10

Check it out on Amazon

#2 Barlean’s Omega Pals Fish Oil, Chirpin’ Slurpin’ Lemonade

Barlean's Omega Pals Fish Oil

Why you may want to buy it

Children need fish oil just as much as adults. The syrup comes in a lemon flavor, which makes it easy for them to ingest.

And the best part is it does not have artificial sugar, color, or flavors. Since the fish oil is designed for the young ones, it is ultra-purified with no mercury.

Some buyers claim that the supplements helped them with ADHD. It also has a high concentration of Omega 3 per serving. Adults can get their own version too.

Why you may not want it

It requires refrigeration after opening. If a parent does not know this, the syrup may go bad. The availability of a children’s and an adult’s package does not justify price increases.

Rating: 9.5/10

Check it out on Amazon

#1 Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength

Dr Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement

Why you may want to buy it

These capsules do not cause burps or leave a fishy aftertaste. They are also produced from wild fish, which are GMO-free.

The product has a high concentration of fish oil per serving. Amazon customers claim that Dr. Tobias’ supplement reduces the symptoms of arthritis, joint pain, and dry eyes.

Why you may not want it

The product contains soy, which may be a problem for people with allergic reactions. That notwithstanding, you would be hard-pressed to find more flaws. I thus gave it the highest rating.

Rating: 9.8/10

Check it out on Amazon

What to Consider When Buying Fish Oil Supplements

Ease of swallowing

Most Omega 3 capsules are quite large, so smaller sizes are preferable. On some occasions, milligrams per serving can make up for difficulty in swallowing.


A price differential exists among the products. The cheapest is $11 while the most expensive is $54. Choose supplements that are not on either extreme.

Fishy aftertaste and burping

Some supplements leave a fishy aftertaste for a long time. Others cause unwanted fishy secretions or burps. Stay away from products that do not deal with these side effects in the packaging.

Artificial flavors and colors

Choose products that are extracted from natural fish and have no additives. Any capsules with different colors often have artificial flavors. These may cause unwanted long-term problems.

The concentration of Omega 3s per serving

Every company chooses its own concentration level. Go for products that give you more bang for your buck. The higher the fatty acid concentration, the better.

Health benefits

Consider the effect of the product on your health. Some products work on mood elevation while others enhance triglyceride levels. Others prevent cardiovascular complications while others are great for eye problems.

Whichever choice you make, ensure the supplement suits your needs.

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