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Beginner 8-Minute Standing Oblique Workout for Abs and Core Strength

A strong core can be a game-changer. It can make exercises easier, improve your posture, and lower your risk of falls as you age.

With this workout, you’ll get more than core strength. It will tone your ab and oblique muscles. And if you have a low body fat percentage, your abs may pop out.

Even though this is an oblique workout, you’ll get a full-body workout. And the variety of exercises will make you want to keep going.

Do this workout at least 3 times before trying a new one. But if you prefer to do a new workout every day, follow the fat blaster workouts, which are delivered in your inbox every day.

Watch the demonstrations below the video if you don’t know how to perform any of the exercises in the routine.

8-Minute Standing Oblique Workout

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Split Deadlift Twist

Don’t let the word deadlift put you off. This exercise doesn’t involve lifting heavy weights that can make you collapse. It’s a simple movement that activates your obliques, lower back, and stretches the hamstrings.

Keep both feet straight throughout and straighten your back as you bend forward. Tighten your ab and oblique muscles as you twist your torso.

How to Do Split Deadlift Twist

Side Leg Raise Crunch

This unique movement will build your oblique muscles as it improves your balance.

Simply place your hands behind your head and then lift your leg sideways as you bend your torso towards the leg. Keep both legs straight throughout.

Squeeze your oblique muscles every time you bend your torso sideways. Lastly, raise the leg as high as flexibility allows on each rep.

How to Do Side Leg Raise Crunch

High Knee Twists

Chances are you’ve done high knees, which are terrific for activating ab and leg muscles. They can even boost your cardiovascular endurance when you perform them fast.

If you want to get more out of this exercise, twist your torso every time you raise your knee. The twist will build and strengthen your oblique muscles. Raise your knee high on each rep.

How to Do High Knee Twists

Standing Elbow to Knee Crunch

Are you used to doing crunches while lying on the floor? Well, it’s possible to perform crunches while standing.

Place your hands behind your head and raise the left knee sideways as you bend your torso to the left. Raise your knee until it touches the left elbow.

Slowly lower the leg as you straighten your torso and then bend to the opposite side.

How to Do Standing Elbow to Knee

Standing Bicycles

This amazing exercise will activate your abs, oblique, and leg muscles. When performing this exercise, make sure the knee touches the opposite elbow.

Remember to squeeze your ab and oblique muscles on each rep and then return to an upright position before doing the next rep.

How to do Standing Elbow to Knee Crunches

Standing Side Crunch

This remarkable exercise mainly targets your oblique muscles. It’s more effective than most of the exercises in this workout because it has a wider range of motion.

You may place the dormant hand on a wall for support if you lack balance. Perform the exercise slowly and squeeze your oblique muscles when you crunch.

Standing Side Leg Crunch

Single-Leg Standing Bicycles

Doing this movement will definitely strengthen your core because it activates the oblique and abs. It’ll also improve your balance.

Bring your knee to touch the opposite elbow on each rep.

How to do Standing Bicycles

Do this standing oblique workout 2 to 3 times before advancing to another workout. However, I would advise against doing random workouts as that makes people skip workouts.

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