Sleeping with pillow between legs will ease the tension on your lower back and prevent the nerves in this area from being compressed. You will be afforded a good night sleep despite the frustration that accompanies sleeping with sciatica.

10 Extraordinary Benefits of Sleeping with Pillow Between Legs

Most people already use neck pillows, but once you know the benefits of sleeping with pillow between legs, you will get an extra pillow. You do not have to suffer from a medical condition to consider using pillows between your legs.


10 Extraordinary Benefits of Sleeping with Pillow Between Legs


If you have trouble sleeping, sleeping with pillow between legs will help you fall asleep faster. On top of eating the right kinds of foods before bed, doing the right exercises and practising good sleep hygiene, sleeping with pillow between legs calms you and puts you in a better position to fall asleep.

Also, while pillows can increase your comfort during sleep, mind your mattress too.


Our bodies have many indentations, thus when you get in bed to sleep, your shoulders and hips will hit the mattress fast.

If you want to have a good night sleep and not wake up in the morning feeling sore in some areas, sleeping with pillow between legs will do the trick. It aligns the body and eases the pressure your sleeping position may cause.


Ever heard of sleeping apnea? It is the reason most people wake up feeling groggy and in a funk despite spending the whole night in bed.

Sleep apnea is characterised by blocked airways which may cause really loud snores and disrupted sleep.

Having a pillow between your legs may open up the airways as you sleep, and relieve the adverse symptoms and effects of sleep apnea.


If you have sciatica, you may have had a rough time figuring out how to sleep with sciatica. Sciatica can cause bad pains in the area around your lower back, waist and hips.

Sleeping with pillow between legs will ease the tension on your lower back and prevent the nerves in this area from being compressed.

You will be afforded a good night sleep despite the frustration that accompanies sleeping with sciatica. The same goes if you experience lower back pain, even if sciatica is not the cause of the pain


Varicose veins are characterised by swelling, pain and fatigue of the legs. Keeping your legs elevated as you sleep alleviates the symptoms of varicose veins, that could degenerate to lymphedema.

While it is easy to elevate both your legs from behind the knees if you are a back sleeper, it might pose a challenge if you are a side sleeper. You can solve this by sleeping with pillow between legs.


Rotating hips while you sleep can cause you to develop serious anterior hip pain caused by how you position your hips and feet while you sleep.

You might also develop hamstring pain all thanks to your sleeping position. If you are familiar with these types of pain, sleep with a pillow between your legs so your hips can align better.


We have all at some point, woken up with very stiff and numb body limbs. This results from a lack of proper blood circulation.

When you place a pillow between your legs, the elevation and the proper alignment better the blood circulation. The chances of waking up with stiff body parts are therefore greatly reduced.


Using a pillow between the legs is good for expectant women. Most expectant women have trouble finding the right position to sleep in. Don’t even mention the back pain that emanates from the extra weight from the pregnancy.

It is only fair that they get good, relaxing sleep when they lay down, and that is something sleeping with pillow between legs does perfectly. It distributes the weight of their bodies better by properly balancing their bodies.


Did you know up to 74% of the total world population sleep on their side? The problem with sleeping on the side is that your shoulders and hips take most of the pressure.

This may translate to soreness, muscle pain and tension when you sleep. One way to prevent this is by sleeping in a fetal position.

Another way to achieve it is by using pillows to align your body better so your knees aren’t knocked and your pelvis pressing hard on the mattress.


There are many reasons why a pillow between the legs improves your sleeping quality. You will wake up less at night if you have breathing problems that disrupt your sleep and that of your loved ones.

It will also prevent neck pain which can really throw a damper on your day. It prevents muscle pain and tension. It also ensures good sleeping posture, which is everything when it comes to sleep quality.


The healthiest sleeping position is sleeping on your side, specifically your left side as opposed to the right side. According to scientific studies and reports, sleeping on your side helps with bowel movements.

So, if you experience frequent constipation, inflammatory bowel syndrome and lazy bowel, you may want to switch sleeping positions.

Sleeping on your side alleviates breathing problems when you sleep. It also improves circulation and keeps your airways moderately open.

It lowers the chances of neurological diseases by allowing the brain to get rid of its waste efficiently. If you experience frequent heartburn, sleeping on your left side will help you with that.

You do not have to sleep on one side the whole night because that is almost structurally impossible. You can start with the left side, then switch to the right. for even better results, place one pillow between your legs and hug another.


When picking a pillow to place between your legs, make sure you choose a relatively firm one.

An ultra-soft one will be squished between your legs and will beat the purpose of having a pillow between your legs.

There are small pillows made for the specific purpose of placing between the knees; you may try those.

If you have woken up with a stiff arm, then you know better than to place your arm under your head for support.

Hug another pillow instead, as it will provide you with a surface to keep your arm. The human spine has a natural S indentation, and stretching this S or deepening it further is what results in pain when you sleep.

A pillow between the legs will help maintain this S curve of your body. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as much as possible. While it may help in keeping airways open, it is bad for your spine.

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