How Many Miles Should You Walk to Lose 20 Pounds?

Is Jumping Rope Better Than Running?

This article will provide you with vital information on whether jumping rope is better than running on weight loss.

By the end of the analysis, you will be able to make a better choice with regard to your health.

Jumping Rope can be defined as an aerobic exercise, that helps the body achieve a “burn rate” contributing to weight loss.

Ten minutes of jumping rope can actually be compared to the equivalent of running a kilometre within nine minutes.

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Since each jump’s impact, or step, is absorbed by both legs, jump ropes may have lower risks of getting knee damage than running.


Is Jumping Rope Better Than Running?

Achieving belly fat loss is not only dependent on one physical activity.

Losing body fat is usually a combination of eating the right amount of fibre, a reasonable quantity of protein and a balanced portion of vegetables. When accompanied by the right physical exercises, you will begin to note the changes in your body.

Jumping rope alone will not be sufficient to help you lose weight. Jumping rope can be a part of a diet and exercise routine that boosts your metabolism, and helps you lose weight rapidly.

The physical activity one needs to utilize for maximum benefit is to use abdominal focused exercises.

Jumping rope tends to be frequently used by boxers and other athletes. This is because it works out the entire body and all your core muscles.

Skipping rope has even been proven to achieve higher fat-burning results than either swimming or running.

Since belly fat is obviously concentrated around the abdomen, jumping rope is good at exercising all your core abdominal muscles, leading to belly fat loss.


As you skip daily, you will notice that your body requires a lot of energy to maintain the workout consistently.

To start with, jumping uses all your core muscles, which is essential to your muscular tone.

Secondly, your heart rate increases to give you more energy and improves your blood flow within your circulatory system.

In essence, you are greatly working on your cardiovascular, which is essential to great health.


Below are some more benefits of skipping toward good health.


The physical activity of jumping rope requires a high level of coordination.

By regularly skipping, your leg and arm coordination improve.


The impact of jumping on your bones is the activity helps build the strength in your legs, thighs and feet.

A big plus is that skipping is fairly low impact and greatly reduced the stress 9f injury to muscles, joints and the rest of your body.

The agility of your body is enhanced. Hence you are quite aware of sudden changes, which helps you keep alert during exercise.


The definition of a high-impact sport or exercise, is one that puts an immense amount of stress on your feet, the ground and your muscles.

Examples of high impact exercises are running, rowing and even swimming.

Jumping rope has been proven to be more gentle to those body parts.

If you adopt the right technique and footwork, you will be able to achieve maximum results from exercising with a skipping rope.

Another way of looking at skipping rope is that the ability to carry your skipping rope anywhere, can be considered low.im0act.

By being so versatile, you do not need the large spaces that most other exercises require.

The effect it has on your abs is extremely beneficial to you. You do not need to focus on high impact exercises to achieve the same results, to your abdomen, that jumping rope does.

As a low impact as using a rope is, its overall effects can be seen and felt.


It has been said that skipping contributes to greater calorie loss that other workouts.

Jumping rope is a great calorie – burner. The day indicates that you would have to run a nine-minute kilometer to work off more calories than you would burn by jumping rope.

Another study has  determined one hour of skipping with a rope will burn up to one thousand six hundred calories, which applies to anyone with a jump rope.

The study recommends that the daily consumption of calories for ladies is two thousand, and the recommended intake for Ken is two thousand five hundred calories daily.

You will only lose weight if your balance skipping with a healthy diet and create a calorie deficit.

Basically, a calorie deficit implies eating fewer calories than you would consume owe day.

We gain energy, through the food we eat, which in essence helps us produce energy, and it is with this energy, we can conduct the physical activity.

If you can create a calorie deficit and combine it with a healthy regiment of physical exercises – in this case skipping rope – it is at this point, the body can effectively lose weight.

We develop a calorie deficit by limiting our daily calorie intake. The average adult will consume approximately two hundred to three hundred more calories than we usually require daily every day. Cutting back on these extra snacks is the first step to weight loss.


Skipping rope has been considered a very effective low impact activity.

However, you can switch up your technique and incorporate a High-Intensity workout into your skipping schedule, for even better results.

The technique indicated below has been recommended to be performed in short bursts to improve your core, stamina and cardiovascular health. It is one of the solid High-Intensity Training you can adopt into your jumping rope exercises.

Set One Jump rope for 30 seconds straight. This may be harder than it sounds. Rest for 60 seconds, then do another 30 seconds. Repeat 9 times.

Set Two: Jump rope for 30 seconds straight while alternating feet, practicing shifting your weight back and forth and tightening your core. Rest for 90 seconds between reps. Do these 4 more times.

Set Three: End with a jump rope circuit combination. Do 30 seconds of jumping rope, rest for only 12 seconds before doing 30 seconds of jumping jacks. Rest for 12 seconds, and add in 30 seconds of burpees. Rest once more and finish strong with 30 seconds of pushups.


If you are to quantify whether jumping rope is better than running for weight loss, after this review, it is possible to affirm that it is.

The benefits of skipping rope far outweigh several other exercises.

It is a fun and enjoyable sport, it is easy on your knees, joints and feet, proves your core and other muscles, and finally, it is very helpful to your heart as it improves your cardiovascular.

In terms of versatility, you can carry a skipping rope anywhere and whip it out at your convenience.

The proven results of jumping rope are comparable to other high-intensity exercises, such as swimming, rowing, running and other aerobics.