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10 Best Skin Tightening Exercises for the Face

10 Best Skin Tightening Exercises for the Face

Loose skin can be frustrating to the point of lowering your self-esteem, and the need for regular skin tightening exercises can never be overemphasized.

While there are many causes of loose skin, such as weight loss, ageing and pregnancy, reversing loose skin can be quite difficult.

The common parts of the body where people experience loose skin are the neck, arms, face, stomach and legs.

Many options exist for people who want to tighten their skin; cosmetic surgery, skin firming products, massage and nonsurgical procedures. Most of these options guarantee quick results within a short period of time.

For others who would rather obtain these results naturally, doing skin tightening exercises is one of the best ways.

Using natural means of skin tightening is likely to have better and longer-lasting results.


10 Best Skin Tightening Exercises for the Face

The short answer to this is yes. It is very much possible to tighten loose skin.

The long answer is both yes and no. If you’ve lost small to moderate amounts of weight and your skin becomes loose in the process, it will likely retract on its own and return to the same elasticity as it had previously.

However, if you’ve lost a lot of weight, you may need medical procedures for your skin to achieve its previous elasticity.

Similarly, if your skin has been saggy for a long time, it will likely be harder to tighten than if it has only been loose for a short time.


Exercise tones the muscles of the body, making them firmer and tauter.

Like any other part of the body, the muscles of the face can be firmed using exercise.

There are many skin tightening exercises for the face that can help firm your face muscles and get rid of that flabby skin that you hate with the fire of a thousand suns.

Evidence pointing to the effectiveness of skin tightening exercises exists.

According to this research, facial skin tightening exercises can work when practised consistently for thirty minutes a day for at least eight weeks.

The tightening effect is believed to be achieved by post-exercise hypertrophy, which in simpler terms means the increase in the size of a muscle following the growth of its constituent cells.


Facial skin tightening exercises aren’t the only way through which you can tighten your skin naturally at home. Some people swear by home remedies that are made using natural ingredients.

Some of the most popular facial masks for skin tightening are the egg white and honey mask, yoghurt and rosewater mask, ground coffee mask and aloe vera mask.

These masks have plenty of benefits, among them being moisturizing your skin and getting rid of its sagginess hence making it tauter.


The jawline, especially those well-defined types, are quite the object of fascination among ladies. For this reason, more men want to have more defined, chiselled jawlines or, as they are fondly referred to, “Greek god” jawlines.

Chiselled jawlines are sharper, angular and have a more defined symmetry.

One of the most popular ways through which chiselled jawlines are achieved is through cosmetic surgery.

With cosmetic surgery, the results are instant, and you get to admire your chiselled jawline within a matter of hours.

Much as cosmetic surgery seems to be an easy (and quite expensive, I might add) way to achieve a defined jawline, there are other means through which you can achieve the same results, which won’t put a huge dent in your pocket.

The other means involve doing exercises that are aimed at shaping your face and especially your jawline. Here are some skin tightening exercises that come highly recommended for this purpose;


The “fish face” exercise is done by sucking your cheeks into your mouth for a few seconds, then releasing them, and then doing it again.

It has been, in the past, credited with defining the jawline.


Lifting your chin while facing up tightens your jaw muscles which can help in defining your jawline.


Chewing gum involves moving your jaws, strengthening them and helping you achieve a defining effect on the jawline.


Experts recommend clenching your jaw for ten seconds regularly to tone your facial muscles, including those on the jawline.

Aside from the people looking to have a chiselled jawline, others want their facial skin to be tauter and more elastic than it is.

Tightening your face skin is achievable through exercises that reduce your face fat and tighten your facial muscles.

Some of the best skin tightening exercises for your face include;


You can do this exercise by closing your mouth, puffing it with air then press your cheeks with one hand.

After pressing your cheeks, hold them in for about five seconds, then release them. Repeat the steps for at least 30 seconds.

Puffy cheeks target your cheeks, decreasing their chubbiness and toning the muscles therein.


First, to do the eye lift, position the fingers of one of your hands on the outer corner of your eye, then pull your head towards the opposite side of your face before returning to the normal position.

After this, change sides and repeat the process on the outer corner of the other eye.

The eyelift targets the muscles around the eyes as well as the neck muscles.

It is also said to work well with crow’s feet.


The brow raiser is done by placing one finger from both of your hands below each of your brows then resting your palm on your face, after which you push your eyebrows upwards, all the while keeping your eyes open.

Hold your eyebrows in this position for about five seconds, then release and repeat the steps a couple more times.

This exercise focuses on the muscles located under your eyebrows. It gives your face a less puffy look and minimizes crow’s feet too.


Probably the easiest of all the facial skin tightening exercises, the vowel exercise is done by mouthing the vowels “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, and “u” for about thirty seconds.

It targets the chin and cheek muscles.


The lion exercise is an all-rounded exercise that works almost all the muscles on the face.

You do it by first closing your eyes and inhaling, then exhaling with your tongue stretched out and your chin facing upwards.

You then return to the normal position and repeat the steps for 30 seconds.


The eyes circle reduces puffiness under your eyes by tightening the skin around them. It also works well on crow’s feet.

It is done by opening your eyes as wide as you can, rotating them clockwise slowly about five times, then anticlockwise for another five or six times.

It should be done for at least thirty seconds.


Do the lips pull down exercise, close your mouth and pull down the corners of your lips. You should do it for a total of thirty seconds, at least.

It tightens the chin muscles and can even eliminate a double chin if done effectively and regularly.


The Marilyn exercise is done by closing your mouth then pursing your lips. Your lips should remain pursed for about five seconds.

It tones the chin and cheek muscles over time, making them firmer. This exercise can effectively eliminate fine wrinkle lines around the lips.


The cheek firmer is said to work wonders on the cheek muscles. It helps get rid of extra fat on the cheeks.

It also tightens cheek muscles hence tightening loose skin around the cheek area.

To do the cheek firmer, close your mouth, purse your lips, then move your mouth from side to side for about thirty seconds.

This way, your cheek muscles are toned and firmed, which can help tighten your face skin.


This exercise is ideal for looking to tighten the skin around their cheekbones and give them a more defined look.

You can do it by first placing your finger over each of your cheekbones then gently lifting the skin until taut.

After this, open your mouth to form an elongated “o”. Make sure you feel a bit of resistance in your cheek muscles.

Hold it for five seconds, then repeat ten to fifteen times.


When doing facial exercises to tighten your face skin, always remember to use firm pressure on the skin.

You don’t want to pull or tug at your skin, though; this will beat the whole purpose of doing the exercise.

Instead, work the muscles firmly but gently so that you involve the ligaments, fascia, and other tissue layers that will help tighten the muscles.

Also, ensure you don’t overdo the skin tightening exercises.

According to research, overuse of facial muscles may contribute to the development of crow’s feet and wrinkles.

If you feel that facial skin tightening exercises just aren’t doing it for you, a viable alternative is taking collagen supplements.

This is especially ideal if your skin is gradually sagging as a result of ageing.

A study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology suggests that taking collagen supplements can boost your skin’s collagen levels, hence making it tauter and more moisturized.

Finally, make sure you drink enough water and get enough sleep. Cliché, as this may sound, will work wonders for your skin.

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