Everything You Need to Know About Kion Aminos Powder

Everything You Need to Know About Kion Aminos Powder

Kion Aminos is a dietary supplement manufactured by the Kion company. The formula is designed to be potent, effective, and highly bioavailable.

Furthermore, the pill improves pre-workout performance by stimulating new muscle growth and assisting with energy production.

This powder is made primarily of amino acids that aid protein synthesis and stimulate muscular growth. They are an entirely plant-based product derived from beans and peas.

According to the manufacturer, the supplement contains 40% leucine, which aids in the optimization of muscle protein synthesis.

On the same note, as the brand claims, the supplement is ideally a science-backed formula made with pure and natural ingredients.

Everything You Need to Know About Kion Aminos Powder

Kion Aminos Ingredients

Because the powder’s components are derived from plants, the supplement is concurrently vegan-friendly.

The amino acid, furthermore, is present in protein-rich foods such as milk, eggs, fish, poultry, and meat.

The supplement includes the right amount of nine Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) for improved health and performance. They are as follows:


Leucine is one of three critical branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that skeletal muscles need to create energy during exercise.

It improves muscle protein synthesis and enhances hormone production, blood sugar regulation, as well as your metabolism.

Salmon, chickpeas, brown rice, eggs, soybeans, almonds, and beef are rich in leucine.


This is another BCAA which means your body does not make it; hence, you must take it from your diet.

Valine aids in the increase of endurance, the support of energy, and the generation of growth hormones.

Furthermore, the amino acid aids muscle and tissue healing and repair, lowering high blood sugar levels.

You can ideally source valine from food such as dairy, meat, soy, and fish.


It is involved in protein production and the formation of hemoglobin.

Isoleucine also helps your body by increasing your energy and endurance. It also aids in regulating blood sugar levels and stimulating muscle regeneration.

Food rich in isoleucine includes fish, eggs, seeds, nuts, poultry, meat, lentils, and cheese.


They are also known as L-lysine, an essential amino acid mainly used as an herbal supplement.

Lysine aids in athletic performance enhancement.

Moreso, it can be used as a treatment for cold sores or elevated pH.

Lysine food sources include meat, fish, dairy, and eggs.


Another amino acid used in protein synthesis? Phenylalanine.

Dopamine and norepinephrine are neurotransmitters that are produced by phenylalanine. They help with the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Furthermore, phenylalanine aids in creating melanin, the pigment responsible for the color of your hair, skin, and eyes.

Food rich in phenylalanine includes dairy, meat, seafood, eggs, poultry, and nuts.


This is another building block that the body uses to create protein. The amino acid treats nervous system illnesses such as multiple sclerosis and spinal spasticity.

Furthermore, threonine aids in muscle growth modulation, which aids in mood management and tissue connectivity. Elastin and collagen are two of the tissues.

It also aids digestion by assisting with fat metabolism.

Food rich in threonine includes animal sources such as cheese, lamb, pork, and meat. Plant sources include sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, lentils, flaxseeds, and wheat germ.


Methionine aids in the breakdown of body fat, preventing fat formation, particularly in the arteries. It also helps the digestive system and detoxifies toxic compounds in the body by removing heavy metals.

It also protects the liver against acetaminophen intoxication and helps to avoid fat deposits in the liver.

Where can you source methionine? In foods such as salmon, beef, lamb, nuts, lentils, wheat germ, and soybeans.


This is a necessary amino acid mainly used for babies’ steady growth. In addition, studies show that tryptophan aid with anxiety and depression.

Kion Aminos use the substance as a pain reliever to promote pain tolerance during exercise.

Canned tuna, oats, milk, turkey, chicken, cheese, almonds, and seeds are all excellent sources of tryptophan.


This is another essential amino acid that assists in the biosynthesis of proteins.

The supplement incorporates histidine, which helps in muscle protein synthesis and improves athletic performance and recovery.

Histidine is essential in the body because it aids in the growth, repair, and recovery of damaged tissues. It also plays a significant role in blood cell production and the protection of nerve cells.

Foods containing histidine include seeds, eggs, whole grains, meat, legumes, fish, nuts, and dairy products.

Kion Aminos Powder Benefits

  1. It promotes better, deeper sleep.
  2. Enhance athletic performance.
  3. It helps in lowering anxiety and despair levels.
  4. Body tissue regeneration.
  5. It reduces muscle tiredness.
  6. Improves your recovery time between sessions.
  7. Muscle mass development and maintenance
  8. They act as appetite suppressants.
  9. It may aid with fasting.
  10. It boosts mental performance.
  11. Decrease in fat deposits.
  12. Improved focus.
  13. It boosts workout intensity.
  14. Finally, it improves speed, strength, endurance, and power.

The powder is a dietary supplement with a lot of benefits above.

Therefore, you can take the supplement for better speed, strength, endurance, and power for your workouts at home or the gym.

Kion Aminos Powder Side Effects

The supplement’s few adverse effects include the sensation of “jitters.” This happens when you consume the powder in excess.

Furthermore, taking the supplement right after or within 30 minutes of eating may cause gastrointestinal distress.

Is Kion Aminos Powder Good For you?

It is a supplement for both men and women. This product is not suitable for you:

  • If you are under 18
  • You are a pregnant or nursing mother.
  • You are taking additional medication. Before taking the supplement, you should see your doctor.
  • Suppose you notice side effects after using the supplement for a while. Before continuing to take the supplement, you should contact your doctor. You could be using an incorrect dosage.

When to tell you to have low amino acids;

  • Have low energy.
  • Experience workout fatigue
  • Experience muscle mass loss
  • When you have a decreased peak performance
  • You have a reduced muscle recovery

If you decide to take the supplement, it is advisable to do so before bed. It will assist you in having a deep sleep. Additionally, you can take it during your workout sessions or right after waking up.

Furthermore, it will be helpful in terms of boosting your energy levels.

Kion Aminos Powder Uptake

Take 5g of the powder with water for 30 minutes before and after a workout daily for the best results.

Kion Aminos Powder Reviews

Below are the product’s customer reviews. The product has a rating of 4.4 on Amazon with 824 reviews.

Positive reviews

  • Increased exercise performance.
  • Works right away.
  • Provide pure essential amino acids in the right ratios.
  • Enhances muscle protein synthesis.
  • Delicious taste.
  • Supports fast recovery after workout sessions.
  • Ingredient transparency.

Negative reviews

  • Horrible taste to some consumers.

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Kion Aminos Powder Alternatives

Didn’t get the most out of the supplement? Here are some alternative dietary supplements to consider.

1. Modern’s EAA+


Modern’s EAA+ is a sports nutrition powder for men and women who desire to gain muscle mass. The supplement contains essential amino acids (EAAs), aiding muscle repair and hydration.

It is sugar-free with zero calories and vegan-friendly with various delicious flavors.

Order Modern’s EAA+ now on Amazon.

BodyHealth PerfectAmino

BodyHealth PerfectAmino

The dietary supplement is necessary for muscle recovery and aids in the reduction of muscular soreness.

It likewise comes from vegan-friendly ingredients and comes in the shape of easy-to-swallow tablets.

It contains all eight amino acids, which aid in protein construction and repair. In addition, it has a protein absorption rate of 99%.

Order BodyHealth PerfectAmino now on Amazon.

NOW Sports, Branched-Chain Amino Acid Powder

NOW Foods, Sports, Branched-Chain Amino Acid Powder

The dietary supplement is best for training and pre and post-workout performance.

Moreover, the supplement is essential for achieving your fitness goal, providing sustained energy, and increasing muscle mass.

The Now company also prescribes taking 1-3 teaspoons of dietary supplement with juice, water, or your favorite beverage.

Moreover, they prescribe taking it on an empty stomach, before and after exercise.

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Kion Aminos powder is a dietary supplement that contains leucine, which altogether aids in muscle protein synthesis optimization. Other accessible amino acids include

  • Valine
  • Isoleucine
  • Lysine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Threonine
  • Methionine
  • Tryptophan
  • Histidine

According to most reviews, it is an effective product that significantly works immediately and improves workout performance.

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