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Perfect Amino Reviews: Read This before Buying

Sometimes you may need help to supplement amino acids in your diet. Perfect Amino reviews show whether it’s an effective supplement.

Perfect Amino is a blend of 8 essential amino acids: l-valine, l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-lysine HCL, l-threonine, l-phenylalanine, l-tryptophan, and l-methionine.

They are essential because they are not produced by the body and must be obtained from supplements or the diet.

Essential amino acids are the body’s building blocks and help the body heal properly.

However, there are 9 essential amino acids. The one missing from Perfect Amino is histidine.

Complete proteins, like cooked chicken, contain all the 9 essential amino acids. Therefore, basic cooked chicken is more nutritious and considerably cheaper than Perfect Amino.

BodyHealth Company is responsible for the manufacture of this dietary supplement. It is also sold by advanced Bionutritionals, except their packaging has different branding.

Perfect Amino comes in both powder form and capsules. It is pure and vegan and does not contain harmful added ingredients like binders, coatings, fillers, artificial flavoring, and processed sugars.

A clinical trial in an elderly institution has shown that a daily dosage of 4g of essential amino acids supplementation improves depression and quality of life.

Therefore, the supplement’s 5 g of essential amino acids is reasonable.

In addition, it is beneficial for:

  • cross-fitters
  • biohackers
  • those interested in daily health and performance
  • those recovering from injury or surgery
  • those suffering from chronic illness
  • seniors interested in the prevention of muscle loss
  • childhood illness and physical conditions
  • lactating mothers who want to ensure their breast milk has sufficient nutrients their children need to grow healthy and strong.

We will also highlight some Perfect Amino reviews to see what consumers say about it.


How it Works

As discussed, Perfect Amino provides your body with 8 out of 9 essential Amino Acids, which are crucial for preparing proteins, hormones, and other bodily substances.

It provides these Amino Acids correctly and raises the protein levels since your body will not produce them.

One tablet of Perfect Amino contains one gram of pure protein. This means one tablet is equivalent to six grams of whey protein, three grams of meat protein, or two grams of egg protein.

All that pure vegan protein without gluten, soy, dairy, GMOs, hormones, carbs, or calories.

You should take at least 5-10 capsules of Perfect Amino daily.

This is whether you’re doing resistance training, feeling unwell, training extremely hard, or recovering from surgery.  However, do not exceed 30 in a day.

What is contained in the Perfect Amino?

Further discussed below are each of the Amino Acids and what they do:
1. Tryptophan

This encourages the release of important neurotransmitters and hormones for sleep and mood, such as melatonin and serotonin.

2. Lysine

The deficiency of this amino acid may result in the lack of niacin (Vitamin B) and slow repair of connective tissue.

3. Methionine

Methionine is responsible for the supply of sulfur and the other compounds that you need for optimum growth and metabolism.

4. Valine

This is important because it helps your muscle fibers to fire, maintains proper nitrogen balance in the body, and for tissue repair.

5. Leucine

This stimulates muscle protein synthesis and is the dominant fuel in tissue building (anabolic reactions).

6. Isoleucine

It is responsible for blood sugar, energy regulation, muscle development, and repair.

7. Threonine

This amino acid is essential for immune system activity and antibody production and can also be converted into serine and glycine.

8. Phenylalanine

Finally, there is phenylalanine which stimulates the release of neurotransmitters and hormones.

These two are crucial substances for the optimum activity of your central and peripheral nervous systems.

Perfect Amino Reviews: Pros

1. Achieve amazing lean muscle mass build-up

The product contains a special blend of ingredients that are the best sources of proteins that digest and break down into amino acids.

Consequently, these amino acids go directly into your bloodstream and help you gain lean muscle mass, connective tissue, bone, enzymes, and hormones.

2. Weight Loss

It also helps you to lose weight without any exercise or diet plans.

Therefore, you can balance your muscle mass with proportioned pressures.

3. Reverses Aging

This product also makes you look years younger by reversing the process of aging in your body mechanism.

In addition, it helps your hair be stronger and thicker.

4. Boosts muscle endurance

Notably, this supplement increases your endurance throughout the body to help you effortlessly do activities like climbing a tree or walking upstairs.

5. Quick Injury Recovery

Furthermore, the supplement can help you heal injuries and resolve pain quickly and efficiently without additional treatment or pills.

6. Increases collagen in your bones

As a result of increasing the collagen in bones, Perfect Amino improves flexibility.

The production of collagen also increases when you take in your regular practices.

7. Relieves mental stress

The product also frees you from mental stress and boosts your mood, libido, and motivation.

Perfect Amino Reviews: Cons

  • The manufacturer received FDA Warning Letter.
  • They have also made strange and unscientific health claims regarding the product.
  • It contains 8 out of 9 essential amino acids making it an incomplete protein.
  • It has been rated D on FakeSpot.

Perfect Amino Side Effects

Just like with any other amino acid supplementation, taking this product especially long-term, could lead to nausea, pain, and headache.

In addition, it can affect your blood sugar levels.

You should avoid it before and after surgery.

Perfect Amino Reviews

It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon.

Some of the positive Perfect Amino reviews include;

  • It eliminates soreness from training.
  • It also helps with muscle recovery.
  • Furthermore, it helps you increase muscle and improve your lifting/training.
  • It boosts your energy.
  • In addition, it is an excellent substitute for proteins.
  • It has no aftertaste.
  • It’s great for hair, skin, and nails.

Some of the negative Perfect Amino reviews include;

  • The pills are too big and difficult to swallow.
  • The dosage is also too high.
  • It’s pricey.
  • In addition, it can cause headaches, night sweats, and stomach aches.
  • It has no refund policy.
  • It doesn’t work

Order Perfect Amino on Amazon.

Perfect Amino Alternatives

1. NOW Sports Nutrition

Perfect Amino reviews alternative: NOW Sports Nutrition, Amino Complete

NOW Sports contains a balanced blend of protein and free-form amino acids.

You are recommended to take 4 capsules daily with a drink of your choice.

The supplement is pure and effective for athletes because it has been comprehensively tested.

Order NOW Sports Nutrition, Amino Complete on Amazon

2. Nature’s Path Nutraceuticals

Perfect Amino reviews alternative: Essential Amino Acids EAA Supplement

This vegan product has a special ratio of essential amino acids to ensure optimal support of protein synthesis, metabolism, growth, and for every process.

As a result, it enhances your workouts, health, and how you generally feel.

Order Nature’s Path Nutraceuticals on Amazon.

3. Peak Performance

It contains all 9 essential amino acids vital for protein synthesis, tissue repair, nutrient absorption, and other overall body functions.

It also supports muscle growth and helps to alleviate muscle soreness.

Furthermore, it is Keto Friendly and does not contain soy, milk, flavor, egg, corn, shellfish, preservatives, gluten, peanuts, or wheat.

Order Peak Performance on Amazon.


In conclusion, Perfect Amino has a decent formulation of amino acids, which is beneficial.

However, it is hard to trust a product supplement that the FDA has issued a warning letter against.

The mistrust can be further fueled by misleading and unscientific health claims made by the manufacturer.

Moreover, the supplement is an incomplete protein as it does not contain the 9th amino acid, histidine because the manufacturer claims it is not an essential amino acid.

If you’re an athlete looking for a post work out supplement, there are more well-studied products out there than this without the frivolous claims.

Nonetheless, positive Perfect Amino reviews indicate that some customers are satisfied with the product.

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