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How to Do Triangle Crunch gif

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Main muscles worked

  • Abs
  • Obliques

Other muscles worked

  • Glutes
  • Lower back
  • Legs

Triangle crunch guide

  • Start by kneeling on your right knee, stretch out your left leg to the left side, position your left hand palm on the surface and position your right hand at the back of your head
  • Shift your left knee up towards your left elbow and crunch
  • Go back to your initial position, repeat and then alternate sides
  • On each side do at least 1 minute for a complete set

Trainer’s tips

  • Make sure you maintain a neutral position of your neck and head when carrying out a triangle crunch exercise
  • Engage your obliques, back, abs and glutes muscles
  • Exhale as you raise your knee towards the elbow and breathe in as you go back to your initial position.

How to Do Triangle Crunch

Triangle crunch benefits

Strengthens and tightens your abs, glutes, obliques and back muscles

Triangle crunch exercise shapes up your waist and tones up the abdomen

Triangle crunch exercise makes you more flexible and improves body balance.

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