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How To Do The Ez Bar Curl Properly

The EZ bar curl works the 3 portions of the biceps, namely, biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis.

Using an EZ bar in doing any workout is not only efficient but very effective. The EZ bar is unique due to its curved design and the benefits alluded to.

It can be used to perform multiple workouts. In the case of the EZ bar curl workout, it is used to work out the bicep muscles.

Curling up an EZ bar is much easier compared to a straight bar. This is because the curved parts guarantee you a semi-supinated grip.

When you lack knowledge concerning the EZ bar, you may think it is just another weird piece of equipment in the gym but read on!

This article reveals the importance of the EZ bar and how to employ it in the EZ bar curl workout.


  • First, grab the bar and load lightweight plates that you can carry comfortably. Assuming that you have not warmed up, you only need to keep it light so make this first set your warm-up set.
  • Pick the loaded EZ bar and hold the curved part with an under-grip (with your palms facing up). Hold it in a neutral grip so that the distance between your hands equals your shoulder width. Spread your feet apart to a distance slightly higher than your shoulder width. By so doing, you find a convenient posture that helps you balance.
  • Now stick your chest out to make your back straight. Engage your core, then curl the bar to your chest. When you curl the weight, you should keep your elbows straight. Do not swing them alongside the motion of the bar. When you curl the weight back to the starting position, that makes it rep.
  • Consider the first set as a warm-up set so make it 12 to 15 reps. Add up the weight progressively for the other succeeding sets.


The bicep muscles are activated when you do the EZ bar curl workout. The EZ curl works the 3 portions of the biceps namely, biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis.

When you curl the bar, the biceps brachii gets activated the most. It also pulls the forearm so that it rotates when your palms turn upwards.

The brachialis is found on the outer section of the upper arm it lays under the biceps. It helps in elbow flexion while the brachioradialis helps in elbow flexion.



One of the features of the bar that makes it stand out is that it provides you with a firm comfortable grip.

The ergonomic grip does not put a lot of strain on your wrists. This is because your hands hold the bar in a semi-pronated grip, a halfway grip between an overgrip and under the grip.


The curved nature of the EZ bar helps in balancing the weights. When you’re curling the bar, you will not be using extra effort in balancing the weights as in using a straight. Most of your effort will be used in curling the bar.


 The bicep muscles are perfectly isolated when you use the EZ bar. When the biceps are isolated, their growth and size become eminent. Compared to other workout alternatives, muscles are better activated due to the efficiency of handling and muscle isolation.



A dumbbell curl workout can be used as an alternative to the EZ bar curl because it equally targets the bicep muscles.

The dumbbell curl is performed seated or standing; either way, curling the dumbbell remains the same.

To perform the standing dumbbell workout, pick up a pair of dumbbells and stand with your feet spread apart. Straighten your back then curl the dumbbell one hand after the other.

When curling the dumbbell, see that your arms are kept intact so that you don’t interfere with the tension that builds up on your biceps.


The barbell bar curl is more or less the same as the EZ bar curl workout. The only difference is the bar employed.

To do the barbell bar curl, hold the bar in a neutral grip and take your stand in a balanced posture, then curl the bar to your chest and back to the initial position.


The hummer concentration curl workout will bulk up your biceps and strengthen them. What you need to have is a single dumbbell.

The only difference between the standard dumbbell curl and the hummer concentration curl is how you hold the dumbbell.

Doing the hummer concentration curl involves standing up straight and holding the dumbbell with the pointed side facing forwards in holding a hammer.

You will then casually curl the dumbbell in a slightly higher tempo. The hummer curl will make you have strong wrists and a strong grip.



You can be tempted to think holding the bar in a very close range or far wide will help you grow big muscles.

However, the naked truth is that holding the bar in a neutral grip is far much effective.

When you hold the bar at a neutral grip, the range of motion of your forearms will create maximum tension that is required to build up to bigger muscles.


Sometimes when you find yourself tossing your body forward and backward, note that you have lost it.

You are supposed to keep your body as steady as possible so as to concentrate the tension on your arms.

When you get exhausted in the middle of a set, you can simply tap out and rest instead of using momentum, which may cause lower back pains.


It is inappropriate in the fitness world to load a weight that is beyond your capability.

You will be denying yourself much gain if all you can do in a single workout is to stack a lot of weight on the bar, then do bout 2 or 3 reps for a few sets, then move to the next workout.

The correct way to work it out is to load a lightweight for the first set, then continue adding weight gradually as you proceed with your sets.


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