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How To Do Ez Bar Cable Curl Properly

There are many exercises to work the bicep muscles but in this article, we will review one of the most effective exercises, called the: EZ bar cable curl.

The biceps brachii is probably the first group of muscles that you will work when you hit the gym for the first time.

If you have no experience working with weights, it is important that you first start to work your biceps because they will empower you to perform other workouts.

The EZ bar cable curl workout is so-called because it requires a cable machine and a curling bar called an EZ bar.

A cable machine is gymnastic equipment with pulley(s) and cables(s) attached to it, depending on the design.

Are you an experienced weightlifter who has never given a damn about the cable machine, or do you have a formed opinion about it?

It is time to shake off any contrary perceptions and come to the reality of what this machine does best, including filling up your sleeves.

If you’re ready, let’s kick it with the steps to follow to effectively perform this workout.


  1. If the cable machine has an adjustable pulley, adjust it to a lower position around your knees. Fix an EZ bar on the cable and take one step not far away from the machine.
  2. With your feet spread apart to a comfortable position and your palms facing upwards, hold the EZ bar at shoulder width, assuming the position you would take in doing the standard barbell curl.
  3. Engage your biceps and curl the bar up to your shoulder level then curl it back to the starting position.


EZ Cable Curls specifically works the biceps brachii. The EZ bar is modelled in a zigzag design.

This design enables you to hold the bar in a semi-pronated angle which puts very minimal strain on your wrists and your joints.

The semi-pronated position isolates the biceps; this implies that most of your effort is concentrated on working the muscles.

Regular bicep workouts will make them grow bigger, and stronger and look very attractive.

When you curl the EZ cable while standing, you will be forced to engage your core in order to find stability and therefore, your core will be strengthened in the process.

The standing position also works the brachialis muscle which helps in flexing the elbow.


This workout is fairly “comfortable” to perform because it doesn’t tax your elbows and wrists at the expense of activating your biceps.

It helps you gain strength that is helpful in doing other gymnastic workouts and also in daily activities that requires lifting, pulling, or pushing for example carrying furniture around.

Truth be told, no matter the reason you may have for working out, there is a part of you that really gets excited when your body is in better physical shape.

In fact, for some people, this is the only reason why would burst it out at the gym. If that’s you, then you should reconsider the EZ bar cable curl which will help you gain very attractive biceps.


 A cable machine is a versatile machine that can be used in different ways in order to work the targeted muscles from different positions.

It can be adjusted to make it more challenging or easier for beginners. Here are some of the variations that can be employed in the place of EZ bar cable curl.


If you are experiencing problems with your stability or balance while standing up, consider doing the bicep curl in a seated position.

Lower the pulley to a lower position which enables you to do a full curl while seated.

Make sure that you engage your biceps to do the curl and let your feet be planted firmly to the ground.


Hook two cables to the cable machine and attach a handle to them.

Stand in between the cables with each hand grasping the handle of the cable on both sides so that your body makes a “cross”.

Now with your arms positioned to an angle of 45-degree, curl the cable one hand after the other. The high-pulley cable curl activates the long head of the biceps brachii.


Adjust the pulley to a medium height and attach the single-arm handle to it. Hold on to the handle, take one step and turn away from the machine, then stretch your arms so that it is slightly behind your back. Curl the cable one hand after the other.


Set the pulley to a low position and attach an EZ bar to the cable.

Hold the bar with palms facing down and curl the cable towards your chest then back it down to the starting position.



Sometimes you may be tempted to think that holding the bar too close or far wide will give you the best, but in the real sense, you could be gaining very little. The range of motion is required to run on the right trajectory to create the force that brings about the tension of the bicep muscles during contraction.


This is when you try to bite more than you can chew, and this usually happens when you want to impress someone around or you somehow want to make a statement: That you are well capable.

You should not be tempted to stack up weights that you’re not comfortable with because the end result will be a pain. Don’t do it at the expense of someone.


This mistake happens when you initially curl the weight up to your shoulders and instead of curling it back slowly to the initial position, you let the weight drop down to the stock without resistance.

Dropping the weights gives up the tension, yet it is this tension created on your muscles that determines the growth and the effectiveness of the workout thereof.


Once you have taken the right posture, the only body part that is should be moving is your forearms.

When you find yourself swinging, moving your hips, or jerking up your shoulders, it means you are trying to lift weights that are heavier than your capability, and so you are using momentum instead of steady contraction.


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