How to Do Swimmers Exercise

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How to Do Swimmers Exercise

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Main muscles worked

  • Back Muscles

Other muscles worked

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  • Glutes
  • Shoulders

Swimming exercise guide

  • Lie on a mat
  • Lie on your stomach with your legs and arms fully stretched
  • Lift your two arms and both legs off the surface and then lift your chest and head
  • Flutter your two arms and your legs and alternate sides uniformly for the entire time of a set

Trainer’s tips

  • Hands and legs should be fully extended
  • Try stretching out your body and make sure you are not straining the neural spine
  • Slow breathing is required
  • Maintain stability on your upper body and hips
  • The core muscles should be kept tight throughout the exercise.

How to Do Swimmers Exercise

Swimming exercise benefits

Back muscles are strengthened

Improved stability, mobility and posture is acquired

Swimming exercises are a form of alignment for the whole body as it engages the lower body in a vigorous way as it puts a challenge to the core.