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How to Do Single Leg Calf Raises Exercise Properly

How to do Single Leg Calf Raises

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This exercise works on building stronger calves which is a very important because it can fix muscle imbalance and lower risk of injuries. Calves aid much in facilitating movement.

Major Muscles Worked

  • Calves

Other Muscles Worked

  • Ankles
  • Quadriceps

Single Leg Calf Raises Guide

  • Stand upright and then lift one foot off the floor.
  • Raise the standing leg by lifting your heel off and balancing on your toes. Hold for two seconds and then lower the heel and repeat.
  • Do the same number of reps for each exercise.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Hold on to a wall for support if you lack balance or simply spread your hands apart.
  • Ensure the area you are standing on is equal and flat to enhance stability.
  • Do put on sport shoes that won’t strain your ankles but support them.
  • Do many reps. Calves respond more to repetition of the exercise.
  • Avoid going at a very fast pace, take your time in order to avoid much strain on the Achilles.
  • You can add a dumbbell to add more challenge and weight and work out the arms too.

In this article, you will discover how to perform the single leg calf raises properly so you can strengthen your legs #calf #raises #focusfitness

Benefits of Single-Leg Calf Raise Exercise

It helps build calve muscles which are essential for movement.

It also helps give better structure and form to your legs to avoid so called “Chicken Legs”.

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