How to Do Side Plank Rotation Exercise Properly

How to do side plank rotations

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Main muscles worked

  • Obliques
  • Abs

Other muscles worked

  • Shoulders
  • Lower back

Side Plank Rotation Guide

  • Start by lying on a side plank pose with your left shoulder above your elbow, maintain your body straight and inclined and stretch your right hand straight towards the roof
  • Rotate your torso towards the front and slowly position your right wrist under your belly
  • Repeat before alternating sides and do at least 10 side repetitions on each side to achieve a complete set

Trainer’s tips

  • Engage your obliques, glutes, abs, shoulders, arms and lower back muscles fully when doing a side plank rotation
  • Keep your abs tight and make sure your hips don’t sink
  • Keep your elbow that is beneath the shoulder and your legs stacked
  • Exhale while slowly rotating your torso and place your hand beneath your belly

In this article, you will discover how to perform side plank rotation to build your oblique muscles and strengthen your core. #side #plank #rotation

Side plank rotation benefits

  • Side plank rotation exercise is useful for waist slimming and tightens the waist
  • Strengthens your abs, glutes, obliques, lower back and shoulder muscles
  • Improves your endurance and body balance.