How to Do Side plank crunch

How to Do Side Plank Crunch Exercise Properly


How to do Side Plank Crunches

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Main muscles worked

  • Oblique Muscles

Other muscles worked

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  • Abs
  • Shoulders
  • Hips

Side plank crunch guide

  • Put your left elbow down while your right hand is behind your head while on a flat area. Stack the legs on top of each other.
  • When your torso is stable, raise your hips as high as possible and then hold the at the top for 2 seconds below slowly lowering them down to starting position
  • Do at least ten reps so as to complete a single set and then lie on the opposite side and do the same number of reps.

Trainer’s tips

  • Keep your abs tight throughout and remember to tighten your oblique muscles when you raise your hips
  • Keep your neck in its neutral position. Don’t raise it or lower it
  • Do not let your hips fall – lower them slowly

In this article, you will discover how to do the side plank crunch exercise properly to build your oblique muscles and strengthen your core #oblique #side #plank #focusfitness

Side plank crunch benefits

  • This exercise will tighten your entire midsection and make your belly look smaller
  • Side plank crunch strengthens the core and also stabilizes the waist
  • The side plank crunch also puts your body balance to test.