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How to Do Push Jacks Exercise Properly

How to do push up jacks

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Main muscles worked

  • Chest

Other muscles worked

  • Arms
  • Core
  • Shoulders

Push Jacks Guide

  • Start with inclining your body with the support of your wrists with your feet held together and your body in a straight line position
  • With your back straight tighten your abs and then bend your elbows as you jump your feet to a wide apart position
  • To complete the rep, jump to bring your feet back together as you straighten your arms
  • Do this repeatedly for more reps

Trainer’s tips

  • Always make sure you are capable of doing a push up before trying out to add a jack to it
  • Make sure you fully rely on your core’s strength as you make the moves since it enhances your back endurance and prevents body sagging
  • Maintain a straight line on your back throughout the exercise as it gives a full impact of the exercise and for the safety of the spine

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Push jacks benefits

  • Push jacks are a cardio exercise as it boosts the heart rate
  • Push jacks also strengthen your chest, arms, and core muscles
  • Useful after exercises like jumping as it is considered an exercise of high intensity for the upper body.
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