How to Do Forearm Spiderman Plank Exercise Gif

How to do Forearm Spiderman Plank

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Main Muscles worked

  • Abs
  • Obliques

Other Muscles Worked

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  • Shoulders

Forearm Spiderman Plank Guide

  • Start in the normal plank position but with your body a bit low.  Maintaining your body in a straight line, slightly bend your elbows under your shoulders.
  • Place your feet hip-width apart and then bring your left knee towards your left elbow until your leg almost touches the elbow.
  • Extend the left leg back to the starting a position and then repeat the exercise on the right side.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Maintain a straight and nice back all through.
  • Keep your belly button squeezed into the spine.
  • Bring the knee closest possible to the elbow and also keep the knee away from the floor.
  • Breath out while moving your legs towards the elbows and breath in while getting back to the starting position.

How to do Forearm Spiderman Plank

Forearm Spiderman Plank Benefits

  • Forearm spiderman plank is a great cardio move that boosts circulation and improves heart health.
  • Forearm spiderman plank will build your abs and strengthen your core.
  • Doing this exercise regularly build killer core stretch, which will make other exercises and lifting thing feel easier.