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How to do Dumbbell Side Crunch

How to Do Dumbbell Side Crunch Exercise Gif

How to do Dumbbell Side Crunch

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If you want to become lean and strong, add this exercise to your routine because it activates your upper and lower body.

Major Muscles Worked

  • Oblique Muscles 

Other Muscles Worked

  • Shoulders 
  • Quadriceps 

Dumbbell Side Crunch Guide 

  • Stand with feet slightly apart and hands straight beside your oblique muscles. 
  • Place your left hand on your waist and then grab a dumbbell with the right hand. Raise the right hand over your head and then curve it towards the left side.
  • Bend the right elbow and lower it as you raise the right knee. Once the elbow touches your knee, raise the hand back to starting position as you lower the leg.
  • Complete reps for one side before alternating.

Trainer’s Tips 

  • Do go at a moderate speed in order to fully engage your oblique muscles and to avoid any unnecessary strains on your body. 
  • Make sure you squeeze your oblique muscles every time your elbow touches your knee. 

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Benefits of the Dumbbell Side Crunch Exercise 

It is very effective at toning and strengthening your oblique muscles.

Using a dumbbell also helps build your shoulder muscles.

Lastly, this exercise will improve your balance and stability.

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