How To Do Cable Hammer Curls Properly

As a variation of hammer curls, this exercise cable hammer curls use the cable machine to work arm muscles and specifically anterior arm muscles.

Apart from building a visually pleasing arm this workout helps the arm function better with no pain and strain

Cable hammer curls use the concept of tension building where arm muscles experience a continuous pressure that forces them to accomplish muscle strength and mass.

This tension happens at all muscle points throughout the exercise. While using cables for hammer curls, you can alternate between a single or double rope.

A single rope attachment engages your arm muscles individually while a double attachment works both your arms together.

With so many perks to it, including this workout in your daily exercise plan is a no brainer for your arm muscles and entire upper body.


  • On the lowest part of your cable machine, fasten a single or double rope attachment. Move slightly away from the machine with your feet aligned to your hip width.
  • Hold with your palms in, onto the ends of the rope and ensure that you are standing upright. Your shoulders should remain neutral and your elbows completely immobile once you start moving your forearms.
  • With your elbows on both your sides start pulling your arms upwards till you feel the tension. Your bicep should be in contact with your forearm when in upward motion.
  • Pause for a few seconds before slowly repositioning your weight to its starting point. Choose a weight that will not affect your form for the best results.
  • Repeat this exercise till your arms get the required tension. The tension should not be pain related whatsoever.
  • If you experience pain during this exercise there is something you are doing wrong and you should stop at once.


The main focus of this exercise are arm muscles called biceps that branch into brachialis and brachioradialis. Brachialis is a flexor muscle deep-seated to the bicep located at the side of both your arms.

Working this muscle ensures that your biceps can have forward movement contributing to their size gain.

The brachioradialis on the other hand is an elongated muscle that connects the centres of your upper arm and your forearm

Exercising your two bicep muscles helps them work in unison to move the arm and flex your elbows including push and pull movements.

Healthy muscles will enable you to carry heavy items engaging both your forearms and elbows. The cable curl primarily works the biceps brachii, which is the two-headed muscle on the front of your arm that merges into one muscle belly near the elbow.

The core is another muscle that is worked during the entire exercise as you will use it to build form and keep your upper arm steady.



Working the arm muscles helps with its functional abilities that make it easier to use your biceps and forearm.

Although deemed as obvious movements, these everyday arm muscle actions can get strenuous if the muscles are isolated during exercise.

So, the next time you are working out add cable hammer curls or any hammer curls variations if you can’t access a cable machine.


This exercise enhances grip and wrist strength that will set you at a better position for future weight training exercises that involve arm muscles.

With grip strength boosted, you can be able to lift heavier objects without straining or injuring your biceps


This exercise helps build stronger arms by working the brachialis responsible for a more defined bicep. Using cable hammer curls engages all your arm muscles in just one easy motion.



This exercise uses dumbbells to effectively work your arms, upper chest and upper body. To perform this exercise, carry the dumbbell on both your hands with a slight bend on your knees.

Align your neck with your body and let your dumbbells stay in front of your shins. Carry them to the sides of your ribs while pressing your shoulder blades

Make sure to always engage your shoulder blades especially when you lower your dumbbells. Repeat this exercise


Burpees are a coordination of cardio and strength exercises focusing on a variety of muscle at a flow. By elevating your heart rate, they are an alternative as they also work your arm muscles

Start this with your body upright and your feet shoulder width apart, stoop low then place your hands beneath your shoulders. Your hands and shoulders should feel the most weight as you jump releasing your feet so your legs can be straightened.

While at this, bend your elbows as if you are doing a push up and from that position push your body away from the floor with your hands. Immediately after, jump so your feet are shoulder width as if you are doing a squat.

Once you are up, clap your hands directly above your head. With this exercise you can work your arm muscles without necessarily using any equipment


Superman helps stretch your arm muscles as well as give your arms strength. Begin by facing downwards with your arms stretched on top of your head

Push your hips downwards then raise your arms and legs upwards. Squeeze your back muscles, glutes and the back of your shoulders in order to contract your muscles.

Raise your legs and sustain in this position with your feet and hands in a similar stature.



Your elbows should maintain a steady form without leaving your sides.

When you leave your elbows in an unstable position, they target other upper body muscles like the deltoids instead of just isolating the biceps.

For this, avoid lifting the elbows as this will ensure that you solely engage your biceps during the exercise.


When you use momentum, you lose control and this will in turn decrease the effectiveness of this exercise. If you notice that your body is gravitating forward, reduce your weight to avoid using your entire upper body.


Ensure that you take your time during movements to pause and add a bit of challenge as you engage your biceps. Avoid hastening the exercise especially when lowering the cable.

That way, you will have better control of your motions while increasing its efficiency.


With profound benefits and knowledge on how to correctly do cable hammer curls, you can now work your biceps into strong and healthy arm muscles.

If you can’t access a cable machine, you can substitute with the alternatives provided above with the main focus being your bicep muscles.