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How to do Butterfly Dips gif

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Do you want toned and strong arms? Then you have to add butterfly dips to your workout routine. 

Major Muscles Worked

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  • Triceps

Other Muscles Worked 

  • Shoulders
  • Ab Muscles

Butterfly Dips Guide 

  • Sit on the floor and then place your hands behind your back with toes facing forward.
  • Bend your knees and keep your feet close together.
  • Lift your butt off the floor and keep it elevated.
  • Now bend your elbows and lower your hips until your butt slightly touches the floor and rise by straightening your arms. 
  • Keep repeating this movement and maintain a full range of motion.
  • Perform as many reps as you can.

Trainer’s Tips 

  • Keep your neck in its neutral position and look forward.
  • Squeeze your triceps every time you straighten your arms to get the most out of this exercise.
  • Keep your abs tight.
  • Stop doing this exercise if you experience discomfort in your shoulder joint.

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Benefits of the Butterfly Dips Exercise 

Butterfly dips are excellent for improving coordination because they involve upper and lower body movements.

Spreading your feet as you do this exercise can help improve your inner thigh flexibility. 

This exercise can help get rid of flabby arms and tone your arms.