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How to Do Butt Kicks

How to Do Butt Kicks Exercise Properly

How to do Butt Kicks

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This is basically a warm-up exercise that works really well in increasing the heart rate, preparing your body and loss of calories hence it is famous for being a training exercise for runners.

Main muscles worked

  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • Calves

Other muscles worked

  • Core
  • Glutes

Butt kicks guide

  • Stand with an upright posture with legs slightly apart.
  • In alternatives bring your heel back to your butt while moving your arms in a jogging manner.  
  • Keep your toes pointed while doing the kicks.
  • Exhale once you kick

Trainer’s tips

It is important to do the exercise in the proper manner in order to achieve the right results:

  • Start with a slow pace before picking it up as you progress. This is because the faster you go the more the increase in heart rate.
  • Your thighs should not move while doing the kicks.
  • Carry out the exercise on level ground to boost your stability.

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Benefits of Butt Kicks

  • It helps in increase of heart rate thus is a good cardio work out.
  • It helps in getting a good warm-up just before other body exercises such as jogging, as it prepares your body.
  • It helps in burning fat as cardio is a crucial part of increasing metabolism together with strength.
  • It is an exercise you can do anywhere without the aid of other workout equipment and still get effective results.
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