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How to Do Boat Twist Exercise Gif

How to Do Boat Pose Twist

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Main muscles worked

  • Obliques
  • Abs

Other muscles worked

  • Lower back

Boat twist guide

  • Start by sitting as in the bridge and twist and bend your knees, stretch your arms out to the sides and raise your feet off the surface
  • Wind your torso to the right and overturn the motion winding it to the left side
  • Repeat these movements until you achieve a complete set

Trainer’s tips

  • Wind your torso from the ribs upwards only
  • Maintain a straight back when carrying out a boast twist and keep your core tight
  • Maintain your feet off the surface and if possible pull your legs till they are parallel with the surface
  • Exhale when twisting your torso.

How to Do Boat Pose Twist

Boat twist benefits

Strengthens your lower back, abs, and obliques while the whole core is engaged.

Boat twist exercise is important for people who want to slim their waists.

Increases your core’s stability and balance.

Boat and twist exercise improves your posture.

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