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Ab Chop Ups

How to Do Ab Chop Ups Exercise Properly

Ab Chop Ups

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This exercise mainly focuses on your ab and oblique muscles.

Major Muscles Worked

Core Muscles

Upper abs

Lower Abs  

Other Muscles Worked

Oblique Muscles

Ab Chop Ups Guide

  1. On a mat, lie on your back with your knees bent and positioned hip-width apart.
  2. Bring your arms straight over your head with hands placed palm to palm.
  3. Crunch up while bringing your hands down to the outside of your knee.
  4. Come back down to starting position and repeat on the other side.
  5. Do two sets of 10 reps or the number that may be prescribed.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Tighten core/abs while doing the exercise to protect the back.
  • As you crunch up wait in position for 2 seconds to ensure that the exercise is more effective. The burn means it is working.
  • Ensure floor or ground being worked on is flat enough. It would be better to have an exercise mat.

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Benefits of Ab Chop Ups

Can be carried out in any area and does not require any gym equipment.

Helps build all the muscles in your midsection while strengthening the core.

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