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Why cellulite is getting worse

12 Surprising Reasons Your Cellulite is Getting Worse

Cellulite is a condition where fat deposits push up against your skin’s connective tissue. This results in a series of lumps and dimples, which some people might find aesthetically unpleasant.

Both men and women can get cellulite but women experience it more.

Despite using the numerous and often expensive creams, most people still find that their cellulite is getting worse, and wonder why.

There isn’t a surefire way to get rid of them, but there are possible reasons why your cellulite is getting worse. They are as follows:

Why Your Cellulite is Getting Worse

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1. Smoking Cigarettes

Many chemicals find their way into your body when you smoke – nicotine, tar ammonia, arsenic, toluene, and acetone among many others.

A combination of all these harmful fumes damages your skin’s connective tissue by destroying the connective fibers.

This makes it much easier for the fat deposits to push up against them and be more visible. Your cellulite thus looks much worse.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy could be the reason why your cellulite is getting worse. During pregnancy, the levels of estrogen go up.

High amounts of estrogen often increase the amount of cellulite in the body. More so, most people do not work out as well as they previously did when not carrying a child.

This is especially true towards the end of the pregnancy when the mom is often too tired to move around. While this is understandable, it creates a perfect avenue for more fat to be formed and deposited under the skin, thus worsening cellulite.

3. Contraceptive Pills

Most people are unable to link their contraceptive pills to their cellulite getting worse. The truth is, the artificial estrogen present in most of these pills could just be the culprit behind your cellulite getting worse.

The chemicals in the pills affect the adipocytes around your belly and thighs, causing or worsening the appearance of cellulite.

4. You Have Slow Metabolism

If for some reason your metabolism is slow, your cellulite will get worse due to the extra fat being deposited under your skin.

Lack of proteins, an inactive life and sleep deprivation are some of the factors that can slow your metabolism.

Avoid these bad habits that have been proven to slow down metabolism.

5. Your Genetics

If you notice your cellulite getting worse, one of the potent factors at play could actually be your genetics. If you have a family history of very pronounced cellulite, you might just be the next in line.

For this reason, you might find that however slim you are, you still have cellulite. It just has to do with your genetic composition.

6. You’re Taking Too Much Sugar

Taking excessive sugar in the form of sweets, cakes, drinks leads to the formation of fat deposits. These fat deposits are the main reason why cellulite occurs under the skin in the first place.

Sugar also causes inflammation which has also been associated with the formation of cellulite.

Therefore, if you notice your cellulite is getting worse, you might want to check if your sugar intake has increased.

7. Your Diet is Protein Deficient

Lack of protein in the diet will not only hinder muscle growth but will also contribute to the formation of cellulite.

Collagen, a type of protein, plays a vital role in skin health. Lack of protein in your diet will decrease the amount of collagen in your body.

The result is thin, weak, damaged skin under which the fat deposits easily show. Take more proteins to build a thicker skin. And while cellulite might not totally disappear, their appearance will be diminished.

8. Hormonal Changes

The fluctuating levels of estrogen can affect the appearance of cellulite. As you grow older, your estrogen levels drop, which consequently disrupts the blood flow in connective tissues.

Once the tissues have been made weak, it is easy for the fat below the skin to push up near the surface.

This is why your cellulite is getting worse as time goes by. The hormone estrogen is also one of the reasons why women have more cellulite than men, though both genders can have it.

9. Not Drinking Enough Water

You need water for your skin to maintain its elasticity and strength. Not taking enough water weakens your skin and makes it thin – the two factors that greatly contribute to cellulite.

Remember, water makes up to 65% of your skin, so being dehydrated might be why your

cellulite is getting worse.

10. Lack of Exercise

When you don’t exercise you lose muscles. Without lean muscles, it gets even easier for cellulite to pile and show.

This research suggests that more muscle definition will improve the appearance of cellulite. This is especially true for people with a higher body mass index.

Bolster your efforts with an overall good diet rich in protein and Vitamin C which is good for the skin.

11. Losing Weight Rapidly

While most people might think that losing weight is the ultimate solution to cellulite, losing it rapidly could actually be the reason why the cellulite is getting worse. You have to remember that even slim people get cellulite, so it is not entirely a weight issue.

This study even posits that losing weight for people with lower body mass index will make the cellulite even worse.

Weight loss might result in saggy skin, which makes the cellulite look even more pronounced.

12. Indulging in Too Much Drink

We can’t really say that alcohol causes cellulite, but if you had them already, it can worsen them.

Alcohol comes with extra calories, and of course, they get deposited around the abdomen and thighs.

These are the same regions cellulite occurs, so it only follows that they are deposited in these areas.

More so, alcohol hinders the flow of blood in vessels, which then contributes to the damage of skin tissues.

The Bottom Line

Cellulite is very complex and is quite challenging to get rid of. However, you can reduce its appearance by avoiding some of the habits that worsen it.

Exercise plays a vital role in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Therefore, add these 15-minute fat-blasting home workouts to your daily routine.

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