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How To Get Rid Of Butt Dents For Good

You probably have taken more hours in front of your mirror looking at the dimples on your butt. Do not worry because these dents are entirely normal, and the fact that you are female makes you prone to them. This article will tell you why the butt dents form and various ways to get rid of them.


How To Get Rid Of Butt Dents For Good

Butt dents, also commonly known as orange peel and cellulite, are small lumps and bumps that form in areas of your body like hips and butts.

According to a study review published in Pub Med, between 80- 90% of women may experience glutes at a certain point in their lives.

Although the dents can also affect men, they are most common in women because women tend to store many fats in their butts, thanks to their estrogen hormone.


As it is, the fat you store around your butt due to estrogen hormone is the main contributor to the dents. This is because these fats will push through the connective tissue beneath your skin, creating a wavy effect.

Butt dent is caused by a build-up of fat underneath your skin. However, some women are usually predisposed to it compared to others. The amount of dent that you have and how noticeable it is can depend on your genetic makeup, age, percentage of body fat, and skin thickness.

Women are more prone to butt dents because the distribution of fat in their bodies is more visible than in men.

The collagen fibre which exists between the skin and muscles separate the underlying fats into multiple pockets, which are the bumps you see in front of your mirror.

You should know that age is especially connected to your dents. How? This is because the older you get, the more visible your dents to become. As you become old, it is natural that your skin loses its elasticity. This will expose the rippled effect situation underneath your skin even more.


Well, the exact causes of the dents have not been arrived at.

However, the vertical arrangement of fat cells and connective tissue in the butt layer makes them more prone to the dents than the criss-cross structure of tissues in men.

Below are factors that have been linked to the formation of butt cellulite.


Hormones clearly play a huge role in the formation of your dents.

Specifically, estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones and prolactin are some of the hormones that take part in the butt cellulite formation process.

The hormones will only make sense if tied with age because your body has different hormonal levels as your age advances.

As so, estrogen hormone will tend to decrease, and you approach your menopause. This will cause a decrease in blood flow to the connective tissues under your skin.

Less blood flow will, in turn, lead to low collagen production and enlargement of fat cells.

The above- mentioned factor combined would increase the visibility of your dents.


Yes, these two are linked to the formation of the dents you see.

The factors can be linked to a person’s speed of metabolism and fat distribution under the skin, ethnicity, and circulatory levels.


In as much as toxins do not cause your dents, poor lifestyle conditions may lead to their formation.

If you eat too much salt, carbohydrates, fat and less fibre, you are more likely at risks of dents.

If you also smoke but do fewer activities, you will probably notice more of these dents.

Wearing underwear with tight elastic across your butts will limit the flow of blood in your butts, which may contribute to the formation of your dents.


It is every woman’s dream to have a smooth butt, free of dents. Aside from tampering with your backside appearance, these dents will also cause psychological damage due to the stress that comes with eliminating them.

Below are ways that will enable you to get rid of the dents and have that smooth backside you have dreamt of.


Exercise can help you to reduce your butt dents in two ways.

First and foremost, exercise will help in making your skin smoother. Exercises such as resistance training will strengthen the muscles under your skin.

Secondly, exercise will help you to lose fatty weight. This will come in handy in getting rid of your dents because the less fat you have, the less fat there will be to break through your skin and cause cellulite.

As it is, not all moves will help in the above- mentioned. There are specific moves that are targeted to working your behind glutes, leaving no chance for the formation of the butt dents. All you really need is 20 minutes to try out the dent- bursting moves.

Consider the following moves for positive results in matters of getting rid of your dents.


This body workout targets your glutes.

However, if you notice that your body weight is not challenging enough, use dumbbells on both sides of your arms.


This is an example of a plyometric move that will get your heart rate up in no seconds, torching calories.

It also targets your lower body. However, as you engage it, try to land softly on your toes to prevent jarring your joints and the dreaded shin splints.


These will strengthen both your glutes and hamstring muscles, which will work the muscles of your behind. However, if you need extra weight, consider placing a moderate-weight dumbbell on your pelvis to add resistance.


Jumping lunges is an excellent way to promote fat loss and muscle endurance in your lower body.

On the other hand, travelling lunges develop your glutes, quads and hamstrings. Additionally, they will support an increased range of motion and hip mobility. This will form really great work out to the muscles of your butts.


Combining these two popular leg and booty building moves will help fight your dents more effectively.

The deadlift will help with your legs, while the dumbbell squat will work your bum.


Unfortunately, there are no researched foods that are said to fight cellulite but what is known is that overall weight plays an essential role in the formation of butt dents.

According to a piece by the American Academy of Dermatologist Association, overall weight loss can indeed minimize the appearance of cellulite, including the ones on your butt.

Consider having a balanced diet with the right portions of fruit, veggies and whole grains that can help you get your butt on the right track.


Although this one too doesn’t directly impact your dents, it does help with your overall weight, which is a factor in your butt dent formation process.

Staying hydrated will help in flushing out toxins, which will help your skin appear more supple.


If you consider trying the above- mentioned tips and focus on a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to see positive results in your butt as soon as two weeks.

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