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Apple Cider Vinegar Pills vs Liquid: Which is Better?

Apple Cider Vinegar Pills vs Liquid: Which is Better?

Apple cider vinegar pills vs liquid is one of those debates that rages on and never comes to an end. But what is it about apple cider vinegar, and why does the method of taking it even matter?


Apple Cider Vinegar Pills vs Liquid: Which is Better?

Apple cider vinegar has long been touted as a must-have in every health, fitness, and culinary enthusiasts’ pantry. While people seem to agree on its benefits and necessity, they can’t agree on the apple cider vinegar vs liquid dilemma.

Here are some benefits of apple cider vinegar:


Of course, this is not to mean that by taking apple cider vinegar, you are immediately and miraculously going to fit into the clothes you have since stashed at the back of your closet.

ACV does not work that way; in fact, no food works that way. You will still have to maintain a good diet, get good sleep, build muscle, and remain active.

What ACV does, however, is it induces a feeling of satiety when you take it. You feel fuller longer because it causes your guts to retain food for long, and reduces your calorie intake.

If you can attribute your weight gain to snacking on high-calorie foods between meals, ACV will help you feel full, and you will see no need to eat outside of the main meal times.


Visceral fat is not just an aesthetics issue; it is dangerous to your cardiovascular health. Studies have revealed that ACV not only reduces the visceral fat, but it also lowers BMI, takes some inches off the waist and reduces the overall body weight.


Some foods are high in glucose and can cause an insulin spike. There is scientific evidence that ACV can reduce the glycaemic index of foods, which helps you keep your blood sugar in check.

Having noted the benefits, we are back to the apple cider vinegar pills vs liquid debate.

Apple cider vinegar is the more familiar form to the people who take it; pills are pretty new entrants.



Most of the studies that have been done to reveal the benefits of apple cider vinegar used it in liquid form, not pill form. It has the upper hand in terms of scientific validity.


Apple cider vinegar gets absorbed much faster, given that it is in liquid form. Your body does not need to break it down any further for it to be effective.


For most people, their preferred method of taking apple cider vinegar is diluting it in a glass of water first. This hydrates your body and also replaces lost electrolytes in your body.


You do not have to straight-up take apple cider vinegar liquid. It gives so many options to be incorporated into salads and even smoothies. If you do not like it in one form, you can also take it in another.


Apple cider vinegar liquid is a much purer form of the fermented apples. It needs no further processing, and you can take it as it.


There are cons to ACV liquid that will make you reconsider its place in the apple cider vinegar pills vs liquid battle.

First, ACV liquid has a characteristic smell and flavour that might leave an incredibly bad taste in the mouth. Most people avoid it for this one reason. Just the thought of taking it every day is enough to put you off the stuff altogether.

Second, ACV is acidic, as most kinds of vinegar are. Acidity is bad news to the teeth, especially is it is something you frequently take as a supplement.

It can erode the enamel of the teeth, make your teeth more sensitive and expose them to cavities and decay. You can, of course, mix ACV with water to reduce its acidity and lessen its effects on teeth.


Pills easily win the convenience department in the apple cider vinegar pills vs liquid battle. It is obviously easier to carry them around than a bottle of ACV. You also do not have to dilute them, you swallow them and get it over with.

Another great thing with pills is, they save you from the characteristic awful taste of the liquid form. There are people who would do anything to escape the bad taste of the ACV liquid form.

They don’t linger in your mouth, what this means is that they will not subject your teeth to the same erosion ACV liquid does.


This is not today that ACV pills have no cons. For one, there aren’t many scientific studies that have been conducted on them.

As such, it is still not clear if they possess the same efficacy as the ACV liquid. They are not natural, and they have been put through the manufacturing process.

Nobody really knows what exactly has been added to the pills to give them their colour and flavouring, or boost their nutrients.

Besides, the FDA does not hold supplements on a tight leash, and manufacturers can get away with adding less than desirable ingredients to their pills.

Current research recommends two teaspoons of ACV diluted n water. However, it is hard to ascertain how many grams go into a pill.

A study was conducted where the ACV content in pills from 8 different brands was reviewed. The content in the pills was found to be different from what the label said.

You never know how much you are taking in pill form, and it might either be too much or too little to make any difference.

Worse still, they could have so many impurities that they offset the benefits of ACV.

Some people also get repelled by the very idea of pills because they sound so much like medicine. The ACV pills have also been known to cause throat irritation.


How does this apple cider vinegar pills vs liquid debate end then? It all boils down to what is convenient for you.

The liquid does have a bad taste and erodes the enamel, but you can reduce this by diluting it in water or taking it in salads. The pills solve the taste issue, but the purity is suspect.

If we let science decide for us to find out which is better in apple cider vinegar pills vs liquid, the liquid will carry the day. Tests have been done to establish how it works, its side effects and benefits.

The pills are still a grey area, and there need to be more in-depth studies to prove their solid benefits over ACV Liquid.

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