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Thesis Nootropics Reviews

Thesis Nootropics Reviews: Does The Brain Booster Work?

Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances that can positively affect cognition, focus, memory, mood, or other mental faculties.

Nootropics can help you deal with fatigue, poor productivity, and brain fog, fatigue.

However, finding natural, effective, no-nonsense nootropics in today’s crowded wellness market can be difficult.

Natural remedies, like organic supplements and dietary changes that boost mental performance, are more beneficial over the long term.

What are Thesis Nootropics?

Thesis nootropics reviews unbiased

Thesis is an established nootropics company with an excellent customer base. It has developed a compelling and comprehensive data set of nootropics research that surpasses other nootropics companies.

It claims that its all-natural supplement blends are rooted in Science.

How Thesis Works

The first step involves completing a Thesis online questionnaire where you will be asked for basic information. Subsequently, your answers will be processed by the Thesis algorithm, which recommends one or more nootropic blends that best suit your needs.

Thesis also recommends a nootropic blend sample for a month before you finally select the ones that work best for you. You can choose to take two or more blends to get a variety of the desired benefits.

Interestingly, the purchase data from customers funnel back to reinforce Thesis’s algorithm. It improves the reliability of its recommendations. No wonder there is a high number of favorable Thesis Nootropics Reviews.

What Makes Thesis Unique

Thesis stands out from other nootropics brands because of its personalized nootropic recommendation algorithm.

In addition to recommending options of the best supplements for you, recommending a sample before selecting your go-to formula spares you the legwork and cost of testing nootropics on your own.

Moreover, Thesis customers have access to a nootropics expert.

Thesis Nootropics Reviews complement this feature as you can consult the coach anytime and ask questions that will help you maximize the benefits of the supplements.

Not only will you have clear next steps, but it is also an effective way of keeping track of your progress. This personal feature makes Thesis unique from other nootropic brands.

Which Active Ingredients Does Thesis Include in Their Unique Nootropic Blends?

Thesis includes 28 ingredients that Science backs in their formulations. These ingredients are listed right on their website.

You can test for any deficiencies that you might have beforehand. This way, you will know which supplements would best benefit you.

Currently, Thesis offers six different formulations, each designed to target specified needs:

  • Energy
  • Logic
  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Creativity
  • Motivation

Below are some of the vital nootropic ingredients inside each formulation.

Energy Formula

This formulation is intended to boost energy, prevent fatigue, and increase mental stamina. It has the following ingredients:


It improves learning and memory and also has neuroprotective benefits.


It helps detoxify the body by boosting glutathione levels, subsequently reducing oxidative stress.

NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine)

It supports nerve cell communication and boosts energy, cognitive function, and alertness.


It heightens memory and gives a dopamine boost.


It increases energy, cognitive function, and motivation.


It boosts both physical and mental energy.


It increases energy and alertness.


It improves your stress response.

Clarity Formula

This formula is intended to improve focus and attention span so that you enter a flow state effortlessly. The ingredients inside this formula are:

7,8-DHF (dihydroxyflavone)

This ingredient is essential for neurogenesis, neuroprotection, and neural communication. Studies have shown that this ingredient protects the brain from damage and neurological decline.

Alpha GPC

It boosts memory and helps in neurogenesis and neuroprotection.


It improves mood and neuroprotection and increases blood flow.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms

It also increases neuroprotection and memory consolidation. It also boosts your mood, reduces stress, and enhances sleep quality.


It increases energy and alertness.


As stated, this improves your stress response. 

Motivation Formula

This formula is designed to increase your willpower and productivity. It aims to reduce procrastination.

These are the nootropic ingredients included in this formula:

Artichoke extract

This antioxidant helps with circulation and stress management. It generally improves your overall body function.


It boosts your mood and builds your energy.


It betters your cognitive function


It improves your attention, mood, and motivation.


It is excellent for boosting energy and for nerve health.


It is to keep you energized and alert.


It improves your stress response.

Creativity Formula

This formulation is designed to spark inspiration, improve verbal fluency, and boost confidence. It contains:


It helps with managing stress.

Alpha GPC

It is excellent for neurogenesis, memory, and neuroprotection,


It helps to boost memory formation and learning.


It helps you stay calm in stressful situations by regulating the body’s response to cortisol. Cortisol is the “ stress hormone.”


It increases blood flow to the brain and regulates your moods.


It is an energy booster.


Finally, It improves how you respond to stress.

Confidence formula

This formula is Thesis’ newest nootropic blend. It is intended to create a sense of self-assurance and focus on the present.

The ingredients in this formulation include Magnesium L-threonate, Ashwagandha, Saffron, Sage, and DHH-B.

Other ingredients that Thesis has included in their compounds are:

Synapsa® (Bacopa monnieri plant)

It enhances memory recall and is also for neuroprotection.

TAU (uridine)

It is used by the body to create choline (a cognitive enhancer), construct nerve cell membranes, and help prevent neuron damage.  


Regular intake of  DHA boosts memory and reaction time.

Thesis Nootropics Reviews

Thesis nootropics reviews are primarily positive. They include;

  • An increased concentration and focus for those with ADHD.
  • It helps to stay more in the present and less regretting the past or worrying about the future.
  • It helps those with panic disorder.
  • Reduces anxiety and increases self-awareness.
  • Improves workflow for long hours without zoning out.
  • Boosts energy throughout the day and helps stay on schedule to complete the set daily tasks.
  • It gives you the advantage of an edge in a competitive environment.
  • Great customer service.
  • Free consultations are valuable in targeting your formula.
  • If the blend has caffeine, you can request that the formula be altered to be stimulant-free.
  • Thesis offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

The negative Thesis Nootropics reviews are;

  • They are among the more costly nootropics available. One-time purchase costs $119 for a month’s supply while signing up for a subscription costs $119 for a month’s supply.
  • They can only be bought through the Thesis website, which is limited to the United States of America.

Thesis Alternatives


TruBrain has one of the widest varieties of nootropics. Additionally, it has a variety of delivery methods for its nootropics like energy bars, liquid shots, and traditional pills.

Like Thesis, it has a targeted fashion for offering these nootropics. The liquid shots are in blends called sleep, mellow, mushrooms, medium, strong, and very strong.

It also has a capsule supplement particularly formulated to fight brain aging.

However, unlike Thesis, a caffeine formula cannot be altered to be stimulant-free.

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Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind offers products addressing skin health, vision, and sleep quality. The three nootropics available for this brand are Qualia Mind, Qualia Mind Caffeine-Free, and Qualia Mind Essentials.

The blend is comprehensive, consisting of a high dosage of nearly 30 ingredients. It means you’re more likely to notice effects, but you might not know which components are producing which effects. Besides, the ingredients with fewer benefits to your body may also have adverse side effects.

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Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus, Test, and Burn supplements come as a package of three in the Hunter stack. Test is a testosterone supplement suitable for just men, while Focus is ideal for both men and women.

It also has several ingredients in high doses. Moreover, one serving consists of sic large pills making it hard to swallow.


According to the Thesis Nootropics Reviews, they are worth giving a shot at, especially if you are new to the nootropics world.

The systemic and personalized features seem to be legit and effective.

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