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Immunocal Reviews: Read This Before Buying

Your health is paramount, and supplements like Immunocal can help improve it. Immunocal reviews show whether it’s an effective supplement.

However, have you heard about it? If you haven’t, then you need not worry.

This article will give you relevant information about the supplement and help you make an intelligent purchase.

Let’s get started.

Immunocal Overview

Immunocal is a supplement from the United States. It consists primarily of natural food protein concentrates.

The FDA classifies this product as a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) supplement.

The primary role of Immunocal is to help the body maintain an optimal level of glutathione.

Note that glutathione enhances the immune system.

Furthermore, Immunocal reviews show that it’s also effective for building lean muscle mass.

What is Immunocal Good For?

Immunocal introduces glutathione precursor cysteine into the body. Consequently, it enhances the immune system.

Besides, it helps in maintaining healthy muscle function. Also, it promotes the strengthening of bones by inhibiting calcium loss.

Immunocal Ingredients

Immunocal reviews show it comprises five primary cystine- and glutamylcysteine-containing proteins, β-lactoglobulin, immunoglobulin, α-lactalbumin, serum albumin, and lactoferrin.


Immunoglobulin is a protein that has two light (L) and two heavy (H) chains.

This ingredient is used to make sterile solutions. Also, it is used in making human immune globulin lyophilized concentrates, which allow for intravenous infusions.

Consequently, it helps with treating antibody-deficient patients therapeutically.

Serum albumin

To understand serum albumin, it is essential to know what albumin is.

Albumin is a protein that exists in your body. Your liver secrets it.

Serum albumin is derived from albumin. It is also a protein like albumin and often embeds in the ALB gene.

Serum albumin functions as a courier protein for fatty acids, thyroid hormones, and steroids.

Besides, it has other properties that help with inflammation.


Another essential ingredient present in Immunocal is lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is a protein often found in human and animal milk.

It is also present in other body fluids.

Its primary role is to regulate iron absorption in the body.

Besides, it protects the body from bacterial, viral, and fungal attacks resulting in illnesses.

Also, it helps people with iron deficiency. Therefore, it is suitable for breastfeeding and pregnant women.


Lactoglobulin, also known as beta-lactoglobulin, is a protein often found in the milk of most mammals. However, it is missing in human milk.

Its role in the body is to bind many hydrophobic molecules together. Consequently, it promotes the transport of materials in the body.

As used in iImunocal, it helps bind iron molecules, which in turn helps combat pathogens.

Immunocal Benefits

Immunocal reviews show it has several benefits.

Below are more benefits of the medication:

It is good for your cardiovascular system – Immunocal contains whey protein isolate, an ingredient known to increase good cholesterol. On the other hand, it will reduce bad cholesterol.

Consequently, it will improve the health of your heart.

Besides, it increases the antioxidant glutathione, a substance that can reduce oxidative stress. It also helps with preventing Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

It will bolster your muscular system – The vital ingredient in Immunocal is known as Whey Protein Isolate. Similar to enhancing cardiovascular health, it will help you build muscular strength.

Specifically, taking Immunocal regularly and mixing it with resistance workouts will increase your muscle strength.

What are the side effects of Immunocal?

Even the best products must have some adverse effects. Immunocal is not an exception to this.

People who use this product have reported some adverse reactions to it.

Below are some of those reactions:

  • Gastrointestinal bloating.
  • Cramps (especially when you are dehydrated).

Is Immunocal good for cancer patients?

Studies show that Immunocal can act as a cancer treatment. Those scientists claim that it has properties that can slow down the growth of cancer tumors.

Notably, it induces apoptosis which consequently enhances the cytotoxicity of baicalein.

Note that apoptosis is the natural death of cells that occurs as an organism grows.

The importance of apoptosis is that it will speed up the depletion of GSH in Hep G2 cells. Therefore, it helps treat cancer.

Immunocal Reviews

This product has a review of 4.6 out of 5 global ratings.

The positive Immunocal reviews are:

  • It reduces panic attacks.
  • It also improves and strengthens the immune system.
  • Furthermore, it’s a great energy booster.
  • Finally, it inhibits cancerous cells.

The negative Immunocal reviews state:

  • It does not emulsify easily.
  • It might also be a little expensive.
  • The smell might be pungent to some users.

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Alternatives to Immunocal

1. Puritan’s Pride L-Glutathione 500mg

Immunocal reviews alternative: Puritan's Pride L-Glutathione 500mg

A vital substitute to Immunocal is L-Glutathione 500mg. This is an antioxidant that helps with breaking up free radicals.

Like other Glutathione supplements, L-Glutathione 500 mg capsules contain three amino acids. Those amino acids include Glutamic acid, Glycine, and Cysteine.

L-Glutathione 500mg has several health benefits. It not only helps with treating heart diseases but also liver diseases, among others.

Note that this supplement is water-soluble. Therefore, it will dissolve in your mouth as you take it with water.

The recommended dosage of this supplement is 1 tablet per day for 30 days.

Order Puritan’s Prode L-Glutiathone on Amazon.

2. Cran Clearance

Imunocal reviews alternative: Jarrow Formulas Cran Clearance

Cran Clearance is also a suitable alternative to Immunocal. It is an extract of cranberry, and it contains naturally occurring organic acids found in cranberry.

It also contains A-type linked proanthocyanidins, a unique phenolic antioxidant.

Due to its impressive medicinal abilities, it can be used to manage urinary tract infections.

Similarly, it can treat cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, it will not only manage chronic fatigue syndrome but also treat sepsis.

Order Cran Clearance on Amazon.

3. Reduced Glutathione

Jarrow Formulas Glutathione Reduced 500 mg

Another vital alternative to Immunocal is Reduced Glutathione.

Reduced Glutathione classifies as an antioxidant. It contains three types of amino acids, that is, glycine, glutamic, and cysteine acid.

The functions of those amino acids are to support your immune system and the formation of sperm.

Besides, they also aid the formation of DNA.

Moreover, it helps regenerate essential vitamins such as C and E.

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Immunocal reviews show it is an effective supplement for enhancing the immune system.

Furthermore, Immunocal reviews suggest that it is an effective medication that boosts energy levels and inhibits cancer cells.

It does not have many negative sides and doesn’t harm the body in any way. Attribute this to its composition of healthy animal-based protein.

If you are allergic to the ingredients that make up this supplement, try its alternatives.

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