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7 Healthy Ways To Boost The Rate of Muscle Growth

There is no doubt that the exercises you do on a regular basis have a big impact on how quickly you build muscles. But if your diet is not up to par and you are not maximizing on growth hormones and testosterone, your full potential in building muscles will not be realized.


If you are not among the lucky few who are genetically blessed with good growth hormones and high testosterone levels, there are a number of things you can do to boost the growth of muscle.


The key to growing muscles even when you have hit a plateau is regularly making changes on your workouts.


#1. Changes exercises


Doing the same exercises in every workout is one of the main reasons why most people hit plateaus.


Always change the exercise you do and the equipment you use; these kind variations keep the body guessing.


If you have been doing bench dips for your triceps try close-grip barbell bench press, JM press or dumbbell one arm extension. Try different exercises every time you work out, doing this has helped me grow bigger arms and I’m now using these variations on my leg workouts.




#2. Do compound exercises


Compound exercises build the most muscles and are the best for increasing strength. You will see massive growth in muscles if you focus on compound exercises and form as well.


Some of the exercises you can do include; squats, flat bench press, deadlifts, military press, pull ups, push-ups, bent-over press, dips and upright row. If you don’t go to the gym do compound exercises which use bodyweight.


#3. Change weights and number of reps


This follows the same concept of changing exercises, doing this makes the muscles grow bigger and stronger because they have to adapt to different weights and number of reps every time.


If you do flat bench press 3 times a week, for 3 sets and reps of 6-10 range, up your weight and try 4-5 sets with reps of 3-7 range. Also try to extend your sets and reps for maximum gains.


The idea is to make consistent changes on the weights you lift and the number of reps you do.


#4. Workout your legs


Most people tend to neglect leg workouts but little do they know that they are the best for boosting metabolism since they are the biggest muscle in the body. Leg workouts release hormones that stimulate growth of muscles in general and will enhance growth of muscles in all parts of the body.


Even for individuals looking to lose weight, leg exercises are the best for maximum fat burn and boosting metabolism.


#5. Rest


Give muscles time to rebuild, not giving muscles time to recover can lead to slow growth or no growth at all. Weight training needs more rest than less straining exercises like running. I would suggest 3-5 days workouts per week depending on what you are comfortable with.


#6. Focus of form


Form is very important so make sure you do every rep right. Not doing an exercise in the right form will lead to the muscles not getting the deserved workout.


Doing exercises the right way reduces chances of injuries and straining of muscles. It’s also very difficult to focus on form if you are lifting weights that are too heavy for you, lift weights that you are comfortable with.


#7. Eat Proteins and veggies


This article wouldn’t be complete if we did not touch on diet. Eat proteins for faster growth of muscles; there are foods which will boost your metabolism like lean meats, fish, chicken and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.


With a low protein intake it will not be possible for the muscles to grow therefore make sure there are enough proteins in your diet.


Another thing I would suggest is high intensity interval training; it’s a great exercise for weight loss and growth of muscles.


If you know other methods to naturally enhance the growth of muscle please share in the comments section below.


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