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Modere trim chocolate

What You Need to Know About Modere Trim Chocolate

Modere trim chocolate is a well-known weight loss supplement. It is sold as a liquid.

If you want to lose weight with the aid of supplements, this article will help you decide if Modere trim chocolate is the best product for you.

The manufacturer states that it is an award-winning product that helps you lose fat and tone your muscles.

What’s more, it is part of their Lean Body line and retails for $119.99 for a 450ml bottle on Amazon.

How do you take Modere trim chocolate?

Take one tablespoon each day.

Some users suggest that you take it every morning before having your breakfast. The belief is that this helps it act more effectively in your system.

The manufacturer doesn’t explain if this is true and whether it’s better to take it before or after exercise.

In addition to chocolate, the Modere trim supplements come in coconut lime, lemon, vanilla, mango, and apple crumble flavors.

How Does Modere Trim Chocolate Work?

Modere trim chocolate reveiws

This supplement is made with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology.

It contains purified water, glycerin, cocoa, thickener, citric acid, vitamin E, sunflower oil, salts, and stevia sweetener.

The manufacturer says that the combination helps support “a modest reduction in fat mass”.

Additionally, Modere trim is flavored with chocolate and is sugar-free.

But how does the trim chocolate work?

Studies show that CLA can reduce body fat levels. Furthermore, it can also improve your body’s immune function.

It can reduce the accumulation of fatty acids in the adipose tissue.

Adipose tissue refers to the fat directly under the skin (subcutaneous fat) and on organs (visceral fat).

It is important to note that this data was collected from experiments with animals such as mice. Human trials have been inconclusive.

Liquid biocell is a patented formula by the manufacturer that helps with skin hydration and joint health.

Liquid biocell is synthesized using chicken cartilage.

Additionally, Modere states it can help reduce the effects of aging and boost joint strength and muscle fitness.

A study on 26 women who took 1g of biocell collagen for 12 weeks showed fewer wrinkles and less skin dehydration.

It is also gluten-free and dairy free.

What Are the Side Effects of Modere Trim Chocolate?

As mentioned above, the active ingredients are CLA and collagen.

These two ingredients don’t adversely affect the body.

However, the manufacturer does warn that vegans and pregnant women shouldn’t use it.

You should also consult your physician on any potential drug interactions.

The product doesn’t list any side effects.

What Consumers of Modere Trim Chocolate Are Saying

Modere trim chocolate has an average rating of 3.7 out of 5-stars on Amazon with over 900 reviews. You can infer that the product has mixed reviews.

Some of the positive reviews state:

  • Delicious, tastes like chocolate pudding or a brownie.
  • Helps manage pain from osteoporosis.
  • Works effectively with exercise.
  • It also works without taking it consistently.
  • Helps boost energy levels.
  • Skin feels supple and rejuvenated.
  • Can help boost weight loss after stalling.
  • Good for regulating appetite.

The negative reviews state:

  • It only works when you eat right and exercise otherwise, it shows no results.
  • The product is too expensive.
  • Left a poor aftertaste. It had to be masked with coffee.
  • It also led to a skin breakout.
  • The packaging is fragile.
  • It causes bloating.

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Modere Trim Chocolate Alternatives

This supplement may not be the best option for your weight loss needs.

Here are some alternatives to Modere trim chocolate.

1.      Apple Cider Vinegar

When apples are sliced and crushed, then fermented in yeast, this makes apple cider. Bacteria are added to make acetic acid.

Acetic acid can boost weight loss by enhancing the liver’s ability to break down sugar.

Studies in rats found that acetic acid can help boost the body’s fat burning and help reduce appetite.

You can add it to your salad as a dressing or add it to water and drink.

Only take up to two tablespoons a day.

You can also pickle veggies with apple cider vinegar for a tangy flavor. It is also cheaper.

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2.      Phengold

This is another weight loss supplement that is cheaper.

The manufacturer states that it helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism, activating fat-burning hormones, and controlling your appetite.

In addition to managing your appetite, it helps stabilize your mood.

Furthermore, it is vegan-friendly, soy, gluten, and dairy-free, and has no side effects.

You can keep using it after completing your weight loss goals to maintain your new weight.

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3.      PhenQ

This is a popular supplement for women trying to eliminate their baby weight.

PhenQ states that it helps you achieve your weight loss goals by suppressing your appetite.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the facilities in which PhenQ is manufactured in.

Additionally, it boosts your energy levels, suppresses fat storage in the body, and boosts your mood.

PhenQ is a daily tablet. Many users take a tablet twice a day.

It retails for half the price of the Modere supplement and therefore is a more affordable option.


You can only lose weight when using Modere while dieting and exercising.

However, you will still need to add specialized muscle-building exercises such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to build muscle mass.

If you want to use supplements because you’re not losing weight, you may need to consider why your weight loss is unsuccessful.

It’s also important to consult your nutritionist before adding supplements to your diet.

Experts believe that “fat-burning” supplements don’t necessarily work. The ingredients they contain, such as caffeine, have few weight-loss benefits.

The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate supplements. They don’t have to do what they say on the bottle.

Modere uses limited studies. Furthermore, it is very expensive. You are better off sticking to a balanced diet and exercising to help you lose weight.

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