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The Best Home Abs Workout for Beginners

The Best Home Abs Workout for Beginner Who Want a Flat and Tight Belly

Don’t give up on having a flat and tight stomach. Today’s workout will make it incredibly easy for you to flatten your belly.

Unlike most ab workouts, this one targets your entire midsection, which allows your body to burn fat at a shockingly fast rate.

And the best part is this workout is totally doable even for those who haven’t exercised for years. The exercises are easy yet very effective.

Keep in mind that you may feel sore for a few days after doing this workout. Don’t let muscle soreness stop you from working out. Push through the pain and soon you’ll be enjoying your workouts.

Watch the demonstrations below the video to discover how to perform each exercise properly.

The Best Home Abs Workout for Beginners

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Here’s a breakdown of the home abs workout for beginners who want a flat and tight belly:

Heel Touches – 40 Seconds

Marching Bicycles – 40 Seconds

Reach Through Crunches – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Up and Down Scissors – 40 Seconds

Frog Crunches – 40 Seconds

Leg Up Crunches – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Bicycle Crunches – 40 Seconds

Reverse Crunches – 40 Seconds

Rest 20 Seconds

Plank Knee Tuck and Twist – 40 Seconds

Elbow Plank – 40 Seconds

Heel Touches

This remarkable exercise activates your ab and oblique muscles. Keep your upper back off the floor while doing heel touches and perform the movements slowly.

You don’t have to touch your heels if you’re not flexible enough. Just stretch as far as you can.

how to do Heel Touches

Marching Bicycles

Most beginners would agree this exercise is very doable. Simply raise one knee and the twist your torso until your knee touches the opposite elbow.

Perform the marches slowly and keep your ab muscles tight throughout.

How to do marching bicycles

Reach Through Crunches

Reach through crunches are one of my favorite crunch variations. They’re very fun to do and very effective.

Lift your upper back off the floor in each rep and then slowly lower it to the floor while engaging your ab muscles.

How to Do Reach Through Crunches

Up and Down Scissors   

Chances are you’ve never done this exercise. Well, it is excellent for activating your lower abs.

Keep your hands under your butt to reduce the pressure on your lower back. And keep your head off the floor to activate your neck muscles.

How to do up and down scissors

Frog Crunches

This phenomenal exercise doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It’s great for building ab muscles, especially lower abs because it has a wide range of motion.

Perform frog crunches at a moderate pace. Doing them too fast makes the exercise less effective.

How to do frog crunches

Leg Up Crunches

Leg up crunches activate your ab muscles and keep your core strong. Lift your upper back as high as possible in each rep.

Also, keep the legs straight and your neck in its neutral position – avoid tucking your chin.

Leg Up Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

Many of us are familiar with this excellent exercise. It activates the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles.

Make sure your feet don’t touch the floor every time you extend them. And pull in the knee until it touches the opposite elbow.

How to do bicycle crunches

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches activate your abs without straining your lower back. Raise your hips as high as possible and then slowly lower them down to starting position.

How to Do Reverse Crunches

Plank Knee Tuck and Twist

In addition to activating your ab and oblique muscles, this exercise strengthens your arms and shoulders.

Keep your body aligned in a straight line and abs tight throughout.

How to Do Plank Knee Tuck with Twist

Elbow Plank

You’ve probably tried the elbow plank. However, you may have made mistakes that prevented you from getting the most out of this exercise.

For instance, letting your hips sink makes the plank less effective and increases your risk of lower back pain. Keep your shoulders, hips, and knees aligned in a straight line.

Also, keep your neck in its neutral position – don’t lower your head.

How to do elbow plank

You probably know you should mix this workout with full body workouts. Well, this amazing workout routine offers the best full body exercises for a quick transformation.

In fact, people who follow it start seeing results in as little as 7 days. So get it right now while it’s available.

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