10 Shocking Super Green Powder Side Effects

You may have heard of the supplement, but maybe no one has ever told you about super green powder side effects.

Super greens powders started gaining popularity gradually as a wellness fad and have now seemingly claimed their place in the supplement sphere.

These powders are dietary supplements that can help you reach your daily recommended nutrient intake, where foods alone do not suffice.

They come in different brands with largely similar ingredients, such as herbs, leafy greens, grasses, probiotics, extra fiber, and plant-based digestive enzymes.

Since they are supplements, you do not have to get a prescription.

You can buy them any time you want to if you want to enjoy their benefits which we’ll discuss later.

After discussing the benefits, you’ll also learn of super green powder side effects you should have known about when you first heard about them.

Should I drink super greens every day?

There’s no harm in taking a moderate amount of super greens every day.

After all, they can help you reach your daily intake of nutrients if you are not getting enough from your food.

However, you should not overconsume them. This can cause complications due to the overabundance of certain nutrients in the body.

How long do super greens take to work?

You may start noticing the benefits of super greens powders after a few days of consumption.

However, you are likely to realize the full effects of these powders after 2 to 3 months of use.

Super greens benefits

Although there are several super green powder side effects, we cannot fail to recognize their benefits.

Some of these are:

They may help prevent chronic diseases

Plant compounds added to super green powders have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses.

For example, taking super greens powders daily can help you manage high blood pressure by decreasing your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

They can boost your energy

Some super greens powders contain compounds that can increase your energy levels and help you feel more alert.

An example is a green coffee extract, which contains caffeine.

Caffeine generally helps increase your alertness and boosts your energy.

They may help with constipation

Most super greens powders contain fiber-rich ingredients such as apple fiber and rice bran.

These ingredients can help increase the fiber content in your digestive tract, relieving constipation.

Probiotics and live bacteria added to them can also help improve your gut function, reducing or getting rid of constipation.

They can help you lose weight

One of the best things about taking super greens powders is that they can help you lose weight by allowing you to take in additional nutrients without significantly altering your caloric intake.

Also, you may feel full after taking them. This helps suppress your appetite and reduce unnecessary snacking, contributing to weight gain.

Super green powder side effects

Before making that order, you should consider the following super green powder side effects.

#1. Some may interact with certain drugs

Some ingredients of super greens powders can interfere with the drugs you are taking.

For example, certain leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach, contain high amounts of vitamin K.

Vitamin K is known to interact negatively with medication prescribed for thinning the blood.

Therefore, taking supplements with a high concentration of kale and spinach powder may increase the risk of developing blood clots.

#2. They can cause diarrhea

This is one of the most common super green powder side effects.

Green powders generally have the effect of detoxifying and removing toxins from your body.

Due to their detoxifying effect, you may experience mild diarrhea within the first few days or weeks of using them.

#3. They may cause allergic reactions

Super greens powders typically contain several ingredients, some of which you may be allergic to.

These supplements’ common allergens include green tea extract, chlorella, milk thistle, and mushrooms.

Before buying any super greens powder, check its label and ensure all the ingredients are safe for you.

#4. Some contain harmful contaminants

Another one of the most common super green side effects is that they may contain harmful contaminants.

Aside from the listed ingredients, some super greens powders also contain heavy metals like lead, which are hazardous to your health.

Before you buy any of them, check the website of its manufacturer to find out whether they verify the purity of their products.

#5. They may irritate your stomach

Super greens powders may contain artificial sweeteners, which can irritate your stomach.

If you experience a stomach upset, bloating, or acid reflux while using these products, discontinue your usage and talk to your doctor about it.

#6. They can cause thyroid problems

You may want to avoid super greens powders if you have been diagnosed with thyroid problems.

Most of these powders contain seaweed, a rich source of iodine.

Unfortunately, seaweed may do you more harm than good if you take it in higher amounts recommended.

This is because excess iodine in your blood can raise the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone, which then increases the risk of more severe complications like thyroid cancer.

#7. They may worsen cerebral edema

Super green powders may not suit you if you suffer from cerebral edema.

Cerebral edema is a life-threatening condition that causes the brain to swell due to excess fluid accumulation inside the brain.

Taking super green powders with artificial sweeteners like mannitol may worsen it since this ingredient draws water into the brain.

More fluid in your brain means extra pressure inside your skull, disrupting your blood-brain barrier.

If you must take any of these supplements, make sure your doctor approves them.

#8. They can cause intestinal blockage in people with Crohn’s disease

Fiber is a vital component of your daily intake.

It helps keep your bowel movements regular and your cholesterol low, in addition to helping maintain healthy gut bacteria, among other benefits.

However, taking too much of it can cause undesirable side effects like blockage of your intestines.

While this side effect is uncommon in people with normal-functioning digestive tracts, it is very likely to occur in people with Crohn’s disease.

Stay away from it if you suffer from this illness.

#9. They may cause nausea

Almost every manufacturer of super greens powders includes green tea extract.

Granted, it’s an excellent addition to the formulae of these supplements.

However, studies reveal that some people may experience nausea from using products with green tea.

So if you are prone to nausea or vomiting, be very cautious when picking these supplements.

#10. They may lower your blood pressure

Certain ingredients in super green powders may be unfavorable to people with low blood pressure.

A good example is the maitake mushroom extract.

This mushroom is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, among other nutrients.

However, it can also lower your blood pressure to abnormal levels.

This would certainly favor a person with high blood pressure, but it is not recommended if your blood pressure is already too low.


If you are in the market for super greens powders, then you are spoilt for choice.

There are several of them readily available. You only need to pick the one that suits you best.

However, as you have read in this article, there are some pretty shocking super green powder side effects that not everyone knows about.

Luckily, these super green powder side effects are now well-known to you.

Be sure to check every single ingredient on the labels of all super greens powders you are interested in, especially if you have any allergies or conditions that may make it unsuitable.

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