10 Dangerous Pamprin Side Effects to Be Aware Of

Pamprin is a temporary pain reliever curated to alleviate discomfort by stopping the production of pain-inducing substances. This article highlights Pamprin side effects you should know.

It contains three primary components (caffeine, acetaminophen, and aspirin) that create an environment to neutralize your discomfort.

Additionally, it can treat conditions like period discomfort and lessen pain.

However, you are strongly advised to use this medication for no longer than 10 days at a time. Thereafter, it is recommended to see a trained medical practitioner.

Let’s now look at the complications around Pamprin, its mode of action, and the Pamprin side effects.

How Does Pamprin Work?

As mentioned earlier, Pamprin is effective due to the components it incorporates into the final product.

Acetaminophen works by altering the way your body interprets pain. As a result, it helps relieve the pain you’re feeling.

On the other hand, aspirin halts the production of pain-inducing substances as a coping mechanism.

Caffeine has a negative reputation for its effects when excessively consumed. However, it is incorporated into medication for a variety of reasons.

First, caffeine is used to increase the effectiveness of medication as it increases the absorption rate.

Secondly, caffeine can be used for pain management because it can block the receptors that influence the pain you feel.

When combined, it forms a product that utilizes all three aspects of the ingredient components.


Taking 2 capsules of Pamprin every 6 hours with water is what’s recommended. 

It is also important to note that an overdose of Pamprin can cause significant liver damage and other side effects.

Furthermore, Pamprin is meant to relieve pain temporarily. Therefore, it should be taken for a regulated amount of time (preferably not more than 10 days)

Some of the side effects include;

Pamprin Side Effects

1.) Stomach Ache

Pamprin contains nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory substances (NSAID) to relieve pain. This is done by curbing the production of pain-inducing matter that aggravate you.

However, the stomach lining can get irritated due to the nature of the NSAIDs. Consequently, the stomach’s ability to handle the gastric acid it produces.

As a result, you get a stomach ache as one of the Pamprin side effects.

2.) Dizziness

One of the most frequent adverse drug reactions is dizziness. It comes as no surprise that it is a Pamprin side effect.

The severely disturbing mental perception that your surroundings are whirling is called dizziness.

Although feeling queasy isn’t usually a clue that something is wrong, it might signify something more serious.

3.) Blood-stained Stool

As mentioned above, irritation of the stomach lining by NSAIDs causes gastric acid to aggravate the stomach.

Consequently, this can lead to bleeding within the stomach lining. Therefore when you pass stool, it will appear blood-stained.

4.) Vomiting

The irritation of the gut by the NSAIDs can also lead to vomiting as one of the Pamprin side effects.

As a result of the bleeding within the gut, the vomit can be coffee stained.

5.) Heartburn

The inability of the gut to handle the gastric acid the body produces has a snowball effect. As a result, some of this acid leaks into the esophagus.

Consequently, you feel a burning sensation in the chest and upper abdomen.

6.) Redness

The redness comes about as a result of an allergic reaction to the medication you’re taking. This is a result of the ingredients used to manufacture medication.

Pamprin contains three significant ingredients, namely aspirin, caffeine, and acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is the component that is most likely to cause an allergic reaction.

As a result of this allergic reaction, there may be redness or rashes.

7.) Hearing issues

However, in this case, hearing issues come about due to overdosage.

A common side effect of overdosing on aspirin is tinnitus.

When you overdose on Pamprin, it can lead to this.

8.) Jaundice

Jaundice is an indicator of underlying problems within the liver. 

The yellowing of the eyes and nails commonly associated with jaundice comes about due to excessive bilirubin within the body. 

This refers to the yellow residue channeled to the liver due to the hemolysis of too many red blood cells. 

9.) Increase in Blood Pressure

The acetaminophen in Pamprin pills can cause an increase in blood pressure

Studies suggest that consuming medication that contains NSAIDs or acetaminophen increases your chances of having high blood pressure.

Other symptoms include:

10.) Bloody Cough

See a doctor immediately if this happens.

Things to Consider Before Taking Pamprin

People with certain pre-existing conditions are more susceptible to Pamprin side effects.

Therefore before you take Pamprin, ensure that you don’t have the following conditions:

1.) Liver Disease

As mentioned above, excessive consumption of Pamprin can cause damage to the liver. Therefore if you have a pre-existing liver condition, some of the Pamprin side effects might be fatal.

2.) Kidney Disease

Continued use of pain medication such as Pamprin can damage kidney tissues.

 Furthermore, there have been cases where pain medication reduced the blood flow to the kidneys. 

Therefore, if you have a pre-existing kidney condition, using Pamprin could be fatal.

3.) Asthma

Aspirin functions as an NSAID due to its makeup as an ingredient. Being a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, it inevitably poses a risk to those who have asthma.

NSAIDs are thought to trigger an immunological reaction that closes off the airways. For those with asthma already, this may be lethal.

4.) Urinary Conditions 

The principle upon which Pamprin is based is effective. However, by impeding the body’s natural reaction to pain, there might be some adverse effects.

For instance, while it may reduce the risk of having an enlarged prostate, it worsens urinary conditions.

Other conditions include:

Cirrhosis. Like a liver disease, cirrhosis affects the liver and can therefore cause a fatal reaction.

Glaucoma. This is a condition that damages the optic nerves.

Bronchitis. This is an infection of the lungs and the rest of the airways, where they become inflamed or irritated.

It is also not recommended for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.

Signs To Look Out For Incase of An Overdose

As mentioned above, 2 capsules of Pamprin are supposed to be taken every 6 hours.

However, if you’ve already taken more, look out for these symptoms, after which you should contact a health professional. 

There is likely to be an increased urge to vomit, profuse sweating, and bewilderment. You might also experience a darker shade of urine and a yellowing of the skin and eyes.

One of the significant cases of an overdose is overcompensation for missed doses. Therefore here is what you should do in case you miss a dose.

Since this drug is used whenever you feel pain, you may not be on an exact schedule. However, if you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible.

If you’re on a schedule, skip the missed dosage if it’s nearly time for the next one. Don’t use more drugs to make up for what you missed.


Pamprin is effective if you need a temporary fix to discomfort. If the pain persists when the painkiller wears off, you may have an underlying condition.

It is also clear they can provide a false sense of safety, especially if you’re reluctant to go see a doctor.

However, this is where the problems are likely to begin. Use it as a pain reliever for a few days as you seek a permanent solution from a health professional.

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