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12-Minute Standing One-Dumbbell Workout to Tone You Entire Body

Dumbbells are undeniably one of the most effective workout equipment. But many of us don’t explore different dumbbell workout options such as exercising with only one dumbbell.

You see, you can target all muscle groups using only one dumbbell. However, the dumbbell has to be heavy enough to challenge your muscles.

If you only have one pair of dumbbells, consider investing in adjustable dumbbells.

As you perform the workout, maintain a full range of motion and perform the exercises with intensity. Also, stick to the recommended rest duration. Longer rests will make the workout less effective.

I may also note that you can use a kettlebell for this workout. Watch the demonstrations below the video to learn proper form for the exercises.

12-Minute Standing One-Dumbbell Workout

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Front Dumbbell Lifts with Side Leg Raise

This exercise will build your muscles and improve your coordination at the same time. It mainly targets your shoulders, outer thighs, and glutes.

Keep your torso upright and then slowly raise the dumbbell forward until the arm is parallel to the floor. Keep the arm straight all the time. As you lift the dumbbell, raise your leg sideways as high as possible.

Lower the leg and arm at the same time and repeat. Wear ankle weights if you want to make the leg raises more challenging.

How to Do Front Dumbbell Lifts with Side Leg Raise

Narrow Goblet Squat

Simply hold a dumbbell in front of your chest with both arms and then squat while keeping your feet close together.

Keep your toes facing forward and squat as low as you can. As you squat, lower your butt as if you’re going to sit on a chair. Doing this prevents your knees from extending past the toes, which can cause knee pain.

How to Do Narrow Goblet Squat

One-Arm Dumbbell Swings

This exceptional exercise offers a full-body workout. It activates the shoulders, quads, glutes, and abs.

Tighten your abdominal muscles throughout the exercise and squeeze your glutes every time you stand upright.

How to Do One-Arm Dumbbell Swings

Sumo Squat Front Dumbbell Raises

You know that squats activate all lower-body muscles, right? Well, this exercise will also target your upper body.

Raising the dumbbell will engage your shoulders and triceps. Control your motion while raising and lowering the dumbbell to fully engage these muscles.

It’s also worth noting that maintaining a wide stance when squatting loosens your inner thighs.

How to Do Sumo Squat Front Dumbbell Raises

Dumbbell Reverse Choppers

This exercise mainly targets your oblique muscles and arms. It also stretches the hamstrings because you have to bend forward while keeping the knees straight.

Tighten your oblique muscles as you lift the dumbbell. And keep your feet wide apart.

How to Do Dumbbell Reverse Choppers

Dumbbell Core Twists

Core twists will only be effective if you keep your ab and oblique muscles tight throughout. And perform the exercise slowly.

Keeping your hands parallel to the floor will also tone your shoulders. Lastly, twist your torso as much as possible on each side.

How to Do Dumbbell Core Twists

Dumbbell Rotational Rows

This exercise will tone your biceps, shoulders, lower back, and quads. Extend your arm until it’s straight before pulling the dumbbell and keep your back straight.

The rear leg should remain straight all the time and your abs tight.

How to Do Dumbbell Rotational Rows

Standing Dumbbell Knee Tuck Crunches

Doing this unique exercise will build your ab and shoulder muscles. And your lower-body muscles will also be activated.

As you can see in the video, I’m performing this movement slowly. This allows me to fully activate the abs. Do the same thing.

How to Do Standing Dumbbell Knee Tuck Crunches

Static Lunge with One Arm Presses

Static lunge with arm press is an excellent full-body exercise. Holding the static lunge will activate your quads, hamstrings, and glutes while the arm press builds the triceps and shoulders.

Avoid leaning forward when in the lunge position. Keep your torso upright and back straight.

How to Do Static Lunge with One Arm Presses

Overhead Triceps Extensions

You’re probably familiar with this exercise if you’ve ever been to a gym. It mainly targets your triceps.

Extend your arms until they’re straight and then bend your elbows without moving the upper arm.

How to do Standing Overhead Triceps Extensions

This workout can transform your body in no time, especially if you combine it with the fat blaster sequence.

This sequence allows you to burn excess fat and tone all muscles while exercising for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Learn more about the fat-blasting sequence.

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